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Strapping Systems

DAYWALK’s Strapping Systems provide a robust and efficient solution for securing heavy loads during transportation and storage and are specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of any industrial environment.

The range includes PET (Polyester) Strapping Systems and Polywoven Strapping Systems. The PET Strapping Systems offer high resistance to corrosion and damage, ensuring excellent tension retention during transport and shipping. They have anti-split properties, making them a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional steel strapping, and include options for manual, battery or pneumatic tools, facilitating ease of use and safety.

Our Polywoven Strapping Systems, on the other hand, are designed for economical strapping of heavy or oddly shaped components. The interwoven design prevents shearing, even if the strap is cut. Polywoven straps are UV weather resistant, retain high tension over long periods, and can be re-tensioned as needed. They are also highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, are weather-resistant, waterproof and will not rust, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

DAYWALK’s strapping systems stand out for their high safety standards, efficiency and adaptability, delivering the highest quality to ensure secure and compliant containment of your goods.

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