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Spartan Duty Steel Pallets

DAYWALK’s Spartan Duty Steel Pallets are a functional and robust solution for handling and storing heavy equipment in challenging environments. These powder-coated pallets, available in both mesh-top and slatted-top designs, are engineered for safe and efficient handling of heavy equipment on-site, in workshops and warehouses.

Cost-effective and pre-engineered to comply with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements, they are a perfect solution when equipment is too heavy for timber pallets but too light for heavier-duty steel pallets. Like many in our product range, these pallets are also noted for their compatibility with racking systems, providing four-way forklift access and lash points, which enhances their versatility to create safe and organised storage.

DAYWALK’s Spartan Duty Steel Pallets are a cost-effective, compliant and versatile solution for transitioning away from timber storage and transport frames to a more durable and reliable steel option.

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