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Premium Gas Heat Gun

This Premium Heat Gun is ideal for shrink-wrapping anything from pallets up to large components, for shipping and storage purposes. With a sleek design and weighing just 1kg, this gun is perfectly balanced for operator comfort. The patented cold-touch nozzle feature and fast shut-off trigger feature make it one of the safest heat guns on the market.
  •   Comes complete with Storage Case, Pressure Regulator, 7m Hose, Swivel Connector, and Wrench
  •   Uses standard LPG gas bottle
  •   Low risk of burns due to unique cold nozzle feature
  •   Includes safety ‘cage’ to fit on the end
  •   Heavy duty design and reliable parts to keep you heat-shrinking for longer
  •   Fast way to heat-shrink film
  •   Compatible with DAYWALK film
  •   Made in USA
  • Max Power: 200,000+ BTU
  • Temperature – 15 cm from Flame: 604 °C
  • Energy Source: LPG
  • Tool Weight: 1kg
  • Tool Length: 36cm
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