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Warehouse safety is one of the most campaigned-for requirements across many industries. Of course, the safety of our workers is vital, and therefore safety is paramount. Although this is standard jargon in many of our warehouse teams today, we felt it was necessary to put these thoughts on paper for you and provide you with a Warehouse Appraisal Template. This Self-Check provides a dynamic list of Warehouse Safety Requirements which Warehouse Superintendents, Supervisors, Team Leads and Stores people can refer to daily or weekly. Although you may still undergo Official Auditing by your Warehouse Manager, this Safety Checklist is an easy checking method for your team to implement on a day-to-day basis to maintain day-to-day safety and efficiency.   Need more input? Call our consultants on 1300 662 987, jump onto www.daywalk.com or flick us an email at sales@daywalk.com. We are passionate about making you look good in your role.