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Protect your assets from corrosion damage

Industrial Protection

For effective and affordable surface protection, use Seal’n’Peel, a heavy duty protective coating product. It’s ready to paint on when you need it and peel off at installation.

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Easy to peel

Simply pull off by hand


Fast Drying

Dries within minutes


No moisture seepage

Where the coating is, the rust isn't


Quick clean-up

Doesn't leave a residue

NACE Corrosion 2016

What our customers have to say

Omni-tuff attended Corrorion2016 in Canada this year to promote the launch of Omni-tuff Seal'n'Peel. Here Gary Menzies, Head of Global Sales at Omni-tuff, presents us with Seal'n'Peel. See why you should consider this amazing product in the protection of your critical spares.


“We’re using Omni-tuff Seal’n’Peel and the performance is perfect.

 Seal’n’Peel is protecting the flanged face very well and it’s very easy to use.”

“We have had success working with that product.”



Corrosion Control Company (US)

“By the way, we are using Seal’n’Peel with good effect! The test spools look good as well.”



Global Construction Company/EPC

“…I saw firsthand the benefits of Seal’n’Peel during the past couple of years whilst at the fabrication yard in Malaysia.”



Senior Mechanical Engineer

Omni-tuff Seal'n'Peel is produced in Australia and North America. Become one of our global customers today.

Superior Rust protection
when you need it most

  • Can be brushed on in 2-3 coats
  • Can be sprayed on using a pressure pot or airless sprayer
  • Can be used on many types of metallic surfaces including the face of a flange, machine metal surfaces or stainless steel
  • Simply peels off by hand
  • Is silver in colour
  • Is available in 1 gallon(4L), quart(1L) and a pint(500ml)