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Steel Pallets vs. Wooden Pallets

Do you have a challenge around Chain of Responsibility compliance? Worried about how you can ensure you heavy equipment will get to Point B safely? Steel pallets are ideal for transporting bulky goods and equipment including pumps, motors and drive assemblies. Use of steel pallets is ever increasing due to their obvious strength, durability, and safety qualities. Large and medium enterprises in the heavy industry are now also investing in steel pallets because of their long-term cost-effectiveness and savings.


While metal pallets may never fully replace wooden pallets in the next decade or so, steel pallets have many advantages over their wooden counterparts. Even if steel pallets are expensive on the initial purchase, their ability to last multiple years and transit trips without damage, makes them a wise and cost-effective investment.


Consider these major comparisons:


Safety of steel pallets

Steel pallets – Are excellent in providing complete safety as they are engineer rated, with rated lashing points and grid mesh to restrain heavy equipment to.


Wooden pallets – Low safety as wood is easily broken, causes splinters and may not be rated to carry heavy equipment.



Steel – Easily maintained and cleaned, and stays clean longer.


Wood – Difficult to keep clean due to frequent breakage, splinters, bugs, fungus, and other contaminants.


Fire Hazard

Steel – Completely fireproof.


Wood – Can quickly burn and may add fuel to an existing fire.


Climatic Temperature

Steel – Adaptable to any climatic conditions change, especially at low or mild temperatures.


Wood – Gets stiff and brittle in icy climatic conditions and sudden changes.


Design Flexibility

Steel – With simple engineered modular attachments steel pallets can be adapted and suited to a wide variety of heavy items.


Wood – Customised pallets can be made to order which can be time consuming.


Many leading global companies in the heavy industry choose to use Daywalk steel pallets for transport of heavy equipment to ensure they are achieving Chain of Responsibility compliance across their operations.


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