Daywalk e-Gel Silica Gel Sachets | Silica Transformer Breather

e-Gel desiccant is and excellent alternative to blue (cobalt chloride) indicating silica gel. e-Gel indicates an orange colour when active and changes to dark green when the desiccant becomes saturated. As with non-indicating silica-gel, the material is a refined form of silica gel which is produced by the reaction of a mineral acid, usually sulphuric, and a sodium silicate solution. The beads are impregnated with safe organic indicator which changes colour as the desiccant becomes saturated. e-Gel is capable of absorbing up to approximately 30% of its own weight of water.

silica gel

                                     Two Applications for Silica Gel: Daywalk e-Gel

500 e-Gel Silica Gel Sachets

silica gel E-Gel Bags

These Silica Gel e-Gel Sachets can be used as a drying agent for packaging.

Daywalk e-Gel Sachets are available in the following sizes:

  • Desiccant Bags 100g with Window (09-SEG100G)
  • Desiccant Bags 500g with Window (09-SEG500G)
  • Desiccant Bags 1000g with Window (09-SEG1000G)

Silica Gel can be used to fill Transformer Breathers at Electrical Power Stations.

  • A non-cobalt based indicator for monitoring moisture.
  • The indicator changes colour from Orange to Dark Green once moisture begins to penetrate.
  • It will finally reach a dark green colour when moisture content reaches 80%.
  • Non-carcinogenic product, and environmentally friendlier.
  • Can be disposed off safely–refer your local council.
  • Can be used in both non-oil bath and oil-bath breathers.
  • Transformer breathers (approximately 1kg e-Gel to 3000L Oil)
  • 1kg of e-Gel suitable for 1m3 of void for 6-12 months, depending on humidty levels.

FAQs on CamLock Straps

Can I get Custom Branded CamLocks for a project I am working on?

Yes, Custom Branding is open to you – ask our team today!

What is the load rating of CamLock Straps?

50mm wide strap – Break Strain Rating – 50mm – 500daN +/- 5%
25mm wide strap – Break Strain Rating – 25mm – 250daN +/- 5%

How does the lever work?

See the above video.

Does the CamLock save time?

Yes – your team saves time by not having to constantly cut, dispose and restrap pallets each time you access goods from that pallet.