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Hastings Deering

Mackay Warehouse Upgrades, QLD


Mackay Warehouse Upgrades, QLD


June 2018


– Storage Solutions

– Warehousing Efficiency

– Supply Chain

– Safety Management


– Mining & Earthmoving


Maximising efficiency of warehouse storage

Consider close on half a million parts being shifted each week and the need to increase throughput. This was why Mackay Hastings Deering Parts Warehouse embarked on an upgrade project. Furthermore, their main object was to double their racking capacity within the existing facility.

In such an efficient operation, every millimetre counts. As a result the warehouse team needed a safe and efficient method of retaining different SKU’s and parts on the pallets. The pallet systems needed to be compatible with the new racking configuration and stand up to the high speed picking and movement up and down aisles.

pallet collars by daywalk

Modular timber pallet collars to enhance warehouse operations

DAYWALK worked with Hastings Deering to provide DAYWALK Pallet Collars – a cost effective and efficient pallet restraint solution – in a custom configuration. The configuration allowed storage of multiple SKU’s on a single pallet and increased visibility of pallet contents.

DAYWALK Pallet Collars are rated and modular allowing the client to tailor the collars to the wide variety of parts stored in their warehouse whilst maintaining safety and compliance across their operations.



Under the DAYWALK GOLD Project Service scheme, Hastings Deering received regular updates on order progress and delivery, as well as detailed delivery support. To assist in a seamless implementation of the new system, the DAYWALK project team supplied the collars in a staged process to meet the exact Hastings project team requirements.