Caterpillar Components Innovatively Transported



2019/ 2020


– Design and Engineering of Modular Attachment
– Fabrication and Finishing
– Delivery and Fitment


– OEMs & Engineering


Single-Application Transport Frames

The existing transport frame methods were proving ineffective for the customer as they often would end up in a graveyard when they were used. With this single-use method, each time a frame is needed, you either have to go through the bone-yard to try find the right frame or spend the extensive funds and time it takes to design and engineer another new frame.


Modular Transport Frames

To meet the customer’s need, DAYWALK was able to design and engineer modular attachments to fit onto our patented pallet system. Our pallet system us able to fit multiple options and is able to fit many types of components from the Caterpillar range, with engineering being done and continual development so that multiple engines can fit onto a set of attachments. Our modular system for driveline components includes C-series engines from C9 to C32 as well as multiple alternators. The mastermind of the DAYWALK system is that if you are required to move another type of component, you can by simply adjusting the attachments.

Patented Bolt-down System
Engines can be changed out as needed, multiple designs available
Engineered and certified for on-road use
Easy fitment to equipment

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    Article Name
    Caterpillar Components Innovatively Transported
    A Caterpillar worked with DAYWALK for complete modular, certified and compliant transport systems for multiple driveline parts including engines and alternators. With a modular solution, the customer was able to reduce one-use frames that end up in a graveyard of frames after use.