Outdoor Spare Parts Preservation



June 2020


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PNG gold mine had major problems storing spares in the unforgiving rainforest climate

A gold mine in a remote part of the Papua New Guinean rainforest had major challenges with preserving spares, such as dump truck engines & cylinders, in the extremely humid environment.
Furthermore, the warehousing team had little experience in preserving spares and needed training on how best to wrap specific equipment when heatshrinking.

Morobe mine

Reusable covers and heat-shrink plastic training for effective preservation.

The customer worked with Daywalk to create on a strategy to effectively wrap cylinders and small motors with heatshrink plastic. Daywalk provided customised training video tutorials so the customer could understand how to correctly wrap and shrink specific equipment, and have full assurance of protection from the moisture.

Large dump truck engines were protected using reusable covers, providing a sustainable preservation solution with easy access.

For small components, the customer used Daywalk Component Tubing and an impulse sealer to safeguard the components from corrosion.

Morobe PVC Covers
900gsm heavy duty material
UV and Water Resistant
Custom made for the parts
Fitted with rope ties, document pouches & eyelets
Article Name
Rainforest Gold Mine Spares Preserved
Daywalk custom-made reusable covers and heat-shrink plastic is an effective preservation solution for small and large components against corrosion. Learn more.