Transport System Upgrades



February 2021


– Storage Solutions
– Supply Chain
– Compliance Solution
– Safety Management


– OEMs & Engineering

Non-collapsible – meaning higher empty transport costs
Not safe to stack – meaning OSH risk
Easily breakable – meaning shorter lifetime
Not safe for racking or forklift – meaning unsafe onsite handling

Unsafe and non-compliant small parts transport

The existing unrated and uncertified transport methods of this client mean that there was no assurance when smaller minerals processing spares were set to travel long distances. If something were to come out loose from the existing cages due to poor restraint, the consequences and harm done could be significant and the fines as a result due to Chain of Responsibility legislation would far outweigh an upgrade to a compliant solution.


Mega-duty transport-rated cages taking logistics to new heights.

To meet the customer’s need, DAYWALK was able to offer a logistics-rated and certified, mega-duty transport cage with a 3.5T capacity to safety transport and handle heavy small spares. With the brains taken from our existing cage range, we were able to offer a collapsible, stackable, and racking- and forklift safe stillage that will greatly enhance road safety and small parts handling for the customer.

3.5T transport rating – meaning compliant logistics
Racking safe – meaning safe onsite storage
Forklift and racking friendly
Collapsible – cost effective return transport
Stackable up to 2 high (when loaded)

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    Article Name
    Lead-Painted Cages Compliance Challenge Solved
    Joint Logistics Unit reached out to Daywalk for Steel Cage Safety Upgrades. With this, Daywalk provided safety management, and compliance and storage solutions.