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10 Powerful Facts that Make Daywalk Pallet Collars the Leader in Warehouse Storage

Pallet collars
A unique value for money proposition, the Daywalk Pallet Collar gives ultimate flexibility – depending on the creativity of the end-user.

#1 Options in dimensions
Whether you need just a single-height collar of 192mm or would like to add a second, third or fourth layer – the pallet collar can be a very effective solution.

Does your supply chain require other size pallets and in turn collars? That is no problem! Our fabrication department can produce custom sizes including EuroPallet sizes, Defence specific, and even double width designs.

The beauty is when the timber collar is not in use, you are able to flat-pack them – 60 on a pallet – talk about not wasting space. The removable hinge pins make the whole process of assembling or disassembling fast and easy.

#2 Export and protected zones options
Most of the timber pallet collars in stock are ISPM15 compliant, thus meaning that if your supply chain involves international movement of goods these collars are able to be utilised. You also have an option to choose a plastic pallet collar that offers you the benefit of not having to comply with timber regulations – and its bright orange colour makes for clear demarcation in your storage facility if you need to mark out specific gear.

#3 Pallet collar safety
The pallet collar retainer clips – which are stocked as a single or double – ensure that the collar is clipped to the pallet for peace of mind – particularly when you have goods stored at height.

#4 Pallet collar dividers – for space optimisation
Do you have the challenge of optimising the space that is available to you in your warehouse? Everyone does! That is why the Daywalk Pallet Collar Divider system is so popular. All of a sudden you can organise your gear even more efficiently – by achieving from 2 up to 16 SKU’s in individual compartments on one pallet space.

#5 Catch those small widgets
While we are speaking about storing more items in less space, one of the pain points that often crops up is that smaller components can slip through the gaps on the pallet. Well there is a simple solution: the Daywalk Ply Sheet insert makes a fast and replaceable floor that removes that safety hazard and operational frustration.

#6 Vision Panel
Is visibility a big requirement for your stores personnel? Look no further than the Vision Panel that can replace the front timber panel of the Pallet Collar. The outcome is three timber sides and one front mesh panel…achieving the cost-effectiveness of the Pallet Collar system but the visibility of a mesh cage. What’s more: if you retrofit the Vision Panel, the timber panel that you remove is not wasted…it becomes the first side of another pallet collar that can be assembled from the pieces that you remove. How easy is that!?

#7 Goods identification
So many sites need to label the fronts of their collars or cages or bins. The clear ID pouch that locates over the front side of the collar makes for clear identification but at the same time a very flexible solution – if you change the contents of the collar, you simply remove the ID from the pouch and replace it with the new product details. The
Daywalk ID pouch is available as A4- or A5 landscape style.

#8 Taking the application options even further – Pallet Collar Spacer
In what applications and what industries can pallet collars be used? Sky’s the limit! Customers are loving them for warehouse applications. The can be used very effectively for retaining goods in transport applications as well. Pallets and collars are also funky and at the same time cost-effective way of shop fitting and POS (point-of-sale) designs for industrial and other goods … and if you need to have more than one pallet on top of another with the ability to access both picking areas look at the Daywalk Pallet Collar spacer – these natty items allow you to maximise your shopfloor space.

#9 Pallet Collar Lids / Lateral Dividers
In many environments, dust and other contamination is a major consideration; by utilising the Daywalk Pallet Collar lid or lateral divider system, you can safely and effectively cover your gear, or separate different layers of product. The lid has four double-locating lugs thus giving an eight-point locating safety system on top of the pallet collar.

#10 Pallet Collar Locator
Do you need to stack gear up but do not have any pallet racking? We can help! This is where the pallet collar locator works a treat! The pallet collar locates in an eight-point locating system on the pallet; then a locator is clipped onto the four top corners of the collar. This then gives a locating address for another pallet to be placed on top of the collar; thin in turn another collar is located on top of the pallet…and so you go on.

To learn more about Daywalk Pallet Collars, contact any of our sales representatives at sales@daywalk.com.