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3 Incredible Pallet Solutions in Exporting Gear Overseas

OK, got it.

I have another question:

We send gear overseas in shipping containers: what pallets must I use for this application?

Good question! Export Pallets

#1 First off: 1165mm x 1165mm pallets are a nightmare to fit next to each other in a shipping container.

The Australian Standard AS 4068-1993 calls this pallet – Timber pallet for use in ISO series 1 freight containers.

The min/max dimensions on this pallet are as follows:

1100min/1120max x 1100min/1120max.

But that’s not all! If you are sending these pallets offshore, they need to be ISPM15 compliant, and bear the necessary stamping/identification to confirm that the pallets have been heat-treated or chemical treated correctly.

What if I don’t want to use timber for my pallets? Do I have any options instead of timber pallets?

Yes, there are other options!

#2 There are plastic pallets by the thousands!

The important question is – application.

Are you going to use plastic pallets simply to ship your gear to other sites and never see the pallets again?

There are transport plastic pallets that you can pick up for $5.00 through to $20.00. there are a number of different styles – some are Euro pallet sizes and fit into shipping containers easily. Make sure you use one that is suited to your load, as some plastic pallets are designed for light duty loads.

Are you needing these plastic pallets to fit in your pallet racking?

This is where Daywalk can help with pallet racking compatible plastic pallets; these pallets have indentations in the base in four places, so that the pallet locks into the pallet racking. These pallets are typically more expensive than hardwood pallets; they are worth their value in that there are no boards to come loose; also, they do not deteriorate in moist or humid conditions like timber pallets do.

Do the plastic pallets need to integrate with a cage or plastic pallet collar?

Again, the pallet racking compatible plastic pallet will usually be most compatible with cages or pallet collars. The dimension of these plastic pallets are 1165mmx 1165mm.

Any more options?

#3 Steel is the third main material option for manufacturing pallets. Steel pallets are often the longest lasting out of timber and plastic and steel.

Do you require these steel pallets for storage or transport or both? Do they need to be pallet racking compatible? What about crane lift? Do you just use a pallet jack? Or what about a forklift?

In my warehouse and laydown yard, I have got a lot of heavy items and the timber pallets always seem to be getting crushed under the weight of the heavy critical spares. Also, boards keep coming loose off the pallets and then we have loose strap and goods slipping…seriously dangerous!

There are a number of steel pallets – from a basic transport steel pallet that will transport goods from A to B safely. These basic transport pallets would be an option where you do not have a closed-loop logistics system.

If you do operate in a closed-loop logistics system, and your equipment is dirty great big machinery or difficult shaped equipment, the engineer-rated steel pallets could be a good option to consider. Starting at 1 ton crane liftable and going through to 6 ton crane liftable, (and now with the engineering allowing the 6 ton to be used for 10 ton in certain forklift applications,) these pallets have so much going for them! Half-size, stand 1165×1165, double width and even up to 2330×1500 – how big is big?

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