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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Daywalk’s Double Cage

My biggest challenge in our storage facility is the ugly and difficult and irregular shaped equipment.
I have a warehouse full of pallets of gear, and I have some steel cages, some engineer rated steel pallets, we have a few hundred timber pallet collars, even some plastic pallet collars…but our big pain point is around gear that is longer than 1200mm up to say 2m or even 2.2m – is there anything on the market to store long gear in warehouses or in lay-down yards?

OK…why are these consignments / goods oversize? Is it the outer packing? Is that how the goods have been imported? Can your team break these outer packages into smaller consignments that will easily fit into Australian standard pallet cages and lock safely into your racking? This would be the first option. The International 500mm high or 800mm high single cage would be a good fit here.
Another concept for long components that is user friendly is to remove the front and back gates of the single International Cage, turn the 4-way entry cage 90 degrees and stack the long lengths out each end of the cage. Effectively you have support for your items in theie middle and the ends are unsupported. This is definitely an option particularly for work-in-process applications.

Or is the item you are contending with conveyor rollers that are oversize? Are they long hydraulic hoses that are pre-made for when you have a hydraulic breakdown? For the hydraulic hoses, consider using a hook system so that the hoses can hang within the racking or from a back-board.
Another option is the double width Daywalk International Cage. This is excellent for rollers, long light bulbs, large pieces of critical spares, bulky items, even for some of the small to medium rolls of conveyor belt.

DAYWALK Double-width International Cage

Well, multi-functionality is becoming more and more of a demand! And here’s the thing…the DAYWALK International Cage has got the features to make it fit the bill.,

While a lot of time is given to the storage features of the cage, including aesthetics, cage accessibility and product security, and now of course catering for the ‘Mister Big’ items in warehouse equipment and critical spares, DAYWALK also invests huge amount of time and focus on the underside functionality of our cage range. The Double-width International Cage is no exception!

So we look at the floor and go down from there! Firstly talking about the floor. The DAYWALK Double-width International Cage has a solid sheeted floor so that goods are extra secure.

Pallet Racking Compatibility

As is the focus of all of DAYWALK’s range of steel cages, the Double-width International Cage is very definitely Australian Standard Pallet Racking compatible (refer AS4084.2012), giving operators that peace of mind that even if a forklift does bump a cage in the pallet racking, the cage’s lock-in safety features ensures that it won’t just slip off the racking beams and cause injury.

And even though the double width cage is double the width of our standard International cage, it fits comfortably into standard double bay racking opening which is typically around 2600mm.

Shipping Container Functionality

You often hear cages might be either pallet racking compatible OR shipping container friendly; as a rule, you get one or the other … not both! But here’s the thing! With careful balancing, DAYWALK has managed to achieve both. The Double-width International Cage is fully pallet racking compatible but by reducing the length and width fractionally, you can easily fit the cage cross-ways in a shipping container…WOW! Anyone that has the challenge of loading a shipping container with conventional Australian 1165×1165 pallets (based on (AS 4093.1993[?]), will know what a pain point this can be.

Forklift safety under-rails / anti-tilt safety feature

In the industrial sector where the International Cage range has proved so popular, there can often be heavy loads, but at the same time often not an even distribution of weight. This is where the Safety Under-rails are invaluable. If there is any possibility of the cage capsizing while being transported by a forklift, the under-rails hold the cage in place until the cage can be put down on firm ground again and the load adjusted to be more evenly distributed. This safety feature is even more of a benefit to you as the end-used when you use the double-wide cage as there could be a heavy item up one end of the long cage and the safety under-rails will give you that extra assurance of a fail-safe operation.

Collapsible = functional

The DAYWALK Double-width International Cage is a fully collapsible unit. In a matter of seconds an operator can assemble or disassemble it single-handedly. No tools are required for this process, which means that even if you are in a remote area the International Cage is still very functional. And because the disassembly is so quick, end-users can maximise the warehouse space by disassembling and stacking these bins up to seven high while not in use. Based on the foot and post design, you can stack the International Cage safely and efficiently, whether assembled or disassembled.


The DAYWALK Double-width International Cage is hot-dip galvanised, thus giving you a ruggedized unit for those tough environments. The mesh cage design with a sold steel floor all adds to the heavy duty capabilities of the International Cage.

Loading and unloading

The Double-width International Cage has front and rear gates, so accessibility is assured and multi-functional. Whether you choose to remove one or both gates completely of simply fold one of the gates down, loading and unloading of cages is a very user-friendly operation.


For jobs requiring higher levels of security, the Double-width International Cage has got the option to come with a lockable lid, which means that you can use the International Cage for secure drop shipments around site at specific locations, using a master-key system; this secure function makes the International range of cages another option in the option basket along with the Secure-a-moves – double and single.


The ID plate located on the front and back gates facilitated clear demarcation and identification of your gear.

See more information about Double-width International Cage now.