Sms Omni-Feed & Omni-Tuff

OMNI-TUFF Packaging Quality is one of the brand names owned by SMS Omni-feed Pty Ltd. The company was originally founded in 1992 as an engineering service company and now focuses its efforts on long-term protective packaging and storage. Read more below:


SMS Omni-feed (formerly Sawmill Maintenance Service) originally was purchased as an engineering business which was being run as an in-house maintenance support arm of a sawmill.

It continued to run as an engineering company and started increasing its sales division to build its customer base, and supply ducting and transmission items as well as continuing to fabricate Process Equipment for the transfer of timber and other products.


In 2003 the first piece of Edgeboard was produced in our in-house built Edgeboard machine. This was the only packaging product that SMS Omni-feed focused on at that stage.


In early 2006, the decision was made to grow the packaging side of the business. At this point we started selling safety strapping, plastics (uv stabilised plastics and rust-inhibiting plastics), tools, and other related items. In July of the same year, the engineering arm was sectioned off and continued under separate ownership.


July 2009 marked the formation of the company SMS Omni-feed Pty Ltd and since then the team has focused on products for long-term protection of critical spares & equipment for the heavy industrial sector.


How can we help?


We’re using OMNI-TUFF Seal’n’Peel and the performance is perfect. Seal’n’Peel is protecting the flange face very well [from corrosion] and it’s very easy to use.


Global Construction Company

The experience was good from end to end with good communication throughout, generally communication is the most frustrating part when sending repairs but found Omni to be very good.


I can honestly say, from first contact with Omni-Tuff through to receipt of our first order, the assistance given to make the process work like clockwork, has been second to none, the professional level of assistance & information & updating of procedure, should be help up as an example to a large number of others as a way to conduct business, thanks to all at Omni-Tuff


Storage System Provider

We are currently using the PET strapping in our warehouse and we find it very effective restraining materials.


Roy Hill
We also thank you again for the continued communication and feedback throughout the entire process, from product development right through to the straps landing in our Warehouses. The Omni-tuff CamLock tidy straps will greatly improve the safe storage of goods in our pallet racking.


Multinational Service Provider

We exclusively use OMNI-TUFF for all transformer breather systems and
consumables and would happily recommend the brand to others.


Leading Provider of Utilities