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equipment covered with vci cover on a pallet

The Advantages of VCI Heat Shrink Plastic

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. It was discovered around the 1940s as dicyclohexylamine-nitrite, a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor with sufficient vapour pressure to release corrosion inhibiting molecules within a specific area. Before the discovery of heat shrink plastic with VCI technology, the original chemistry was coated onto paper.


Paper seemed to be a good idea…

As dicyclohexylamine-nitrite coated paper became widely used in the mid- to late 20th Century, it was slowly discovered that due to the dicyclohexylamine-nitrite’s high vapour pressure, the chemistry quickly diffused and flaked off the paper. It was also found that instead of preventing rust, VCI coated paper tended to hold moisture directly in contact with metal, thus, accelerating rust and corrosion.

Due to the disadvantage of VCI paper and the health risk involved due to the dicyclohexylamine-nitrite flaking off from the paper, the early 1980s saw the creation of a safe, new VCI technology that could be impregnated into heat shrinkable plastics.

When VCI heat shrink plastic is used, such as DAYWALK UV/VCI White Block Shrink Sheet, there are at least three advantages:

  1. VCI molecules form a molecular barrier on metal surfaces, that inhibits moisture, oxygen or salt coming into contact with the metal. So while the heat shrink film forms a physical barrier, the VCI molecular layer is what creates the superior barrier that other films cannot. If the barrier film is compromised, and the molecular layer disturbed, VCI is self-healing and continues to protect the metal.
  2. VCI heat shrink plastic is extremely adaptable to the job at hand. The plastic comes in a multitude of sizes, from small component and engine bags to large sheets that can cover massive equipment.
  3. Aside from VCI, UV/VCI heat shrink plastic contains UV stabilisers to prevent plastic from breaking down when exposed to sun and the elements, meaning equipment can be stored outside.


Omni-tuff is now DAYWALK

The name synonymous with passionate long-term protection and storage solutions has been changed to DAYWALK. But the same high-quality products in the Retain (metal cages, pallet cages, international stillages, etc.), Restrain (PET strap, Polywoven strap, etc.), and Maintain (VCI heat shrink plastic, silica gel, seal n peel protective coating, etc.) range are still around and getting better. So, whichever option you choose, whether UV/VCI shrink plastic, VCI paper, e-Gel silica desiccants, VCI desiccants, or the like, DAYWALK can help you with your corrosion prevention needs. We can analyse the current state of your corrosion management needs and work with your company to implement the best and most cost-effective solution. Contact Daywalk today at https://daywalk.com/contact/.