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black plastic pallet

An all-weather option for pallets

Needing a pallet that is more hardy than your wooden pallets?

Daywalk Plastic Pallets are a great alternative to Hardwood Pallets in certain applications. These Daywalk plastic pallets are light and easy to handle than hardwood counterparts.

Advantages of using Daywalk Plastic Pallets within your operations are as follows:

    1. Plastic is not subject to natural decay over time
    2. Plastic is hardier than wood as there is not the possibility of boards popping off during continual use

View Daywalk Plastic Pallets as an investment. Think of the labour and time you will save by going with such a reliable & hardy option! Daywalk Plastic Pallets are standard Australian pallet size, and are available with Pallet Racking Comptability, so they are ready to be put to work immediately at your site.

PDS206 13-PPAL12 Plastic Pallet

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