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rows of multi-use steel pallets

Are All Transport Frames Viable?

Single-application frames, specifically transport frames, are customised or specialised frames that are essential elements for a wide range of applications. These can cover many heavy industries. To manufacture them, they require precision planning and engineering to fulfil specific transport requirements, including multiple configurations for road transport and other onsite component installations. However, though single-application transport frames are sturdy, safe, and legal, they can be expensive since they fulfil only a single application. On the other hand, steel pallets can do the same job at much lesser costs.

Examples of industry use for single-application transport frames include:

  • Hauling engines, equipment, and other heavy loads

When all of the above mentioned, it is essential to have firmly secured transport frames to keep them safe from damages. These frames usually are customised to match the shape of whatever is being transported and held securely.

  • Moving factory or warehouse stock

When there is a need to move factory or warehouse stock, often, storage frames are needed to support and secure stocks. This is because these stocks are transferred from storage pallets to the customised frames for hauling.

What is the status quo?

rows of multi-use steel palletsCompanies that offer single-application transport frames maintain that they can give a practical solution to transporting assets safely anywhere. This includes transporting vital heavy equipment in need of repairs or across the country as replacements, most commonplace with the oil, gas, and mining industries. Thus, these transport frames are all custom-made and usually are for single applications. Though they may be used repeatedly, they can be used only for a single piece of equipment they were designed to hold. Often, the transport frame is manufactured for just a specific type of transport as well.

Of course, custom-made transport frames for single applications are within Chain of Responsibility legislation’s legal bounds, especially the 2018 Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). A customised transport frame is actually in keeping with the responsibility of managing risk and road safety so that nothing is compromised in transporting heavy equipment, most of which can weigh in tonnes. A transport frame fulfils obligations to eliminate or at least minimise any potential risk or harm in being a part of the supply chain.

But, while we have established that single-application transport frames are safe and legal to use, the cost of having to customise and manufacture transport frames for every single piece of heavy equipment for any industry becomes a financial burden. However, this financial burden can be offset if an alternative to single-application transport frames can be found.

What other approaches are there aside from single-application frames?pallet hauling heavy equipment

The steel pallet is the best alternative to single-application transport frames.

Engineer-designed and rated steel pallets cover everything within the legislations of Chain of Responsibility and HVNL. Whether equipment, engines, or stocks need to be sent on or off-site, steel pallets offer a more cost-effective option. Instead of engaging a company to design and manufacture a transport frame for a single application for an individual piece of equipment, legal and rated steel pallets can instead handle multiple sizes and shapes. Steel pallets are of heavy-duty construction and contain the correct lugs.

Steel pallets from Daywalk have tonnage capacities ranging from 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, to 12 tonnes. The standard steel pallet is the accepted international 1165×1165 measurement. There is also double width-sized, and 3500mmx2320mm sized steel pallets for special-sized loads and equipment.

When it comes to storage and hauling of factory and warehouse stocks, instead of using timber pallets, steel pallets can perform storage and hauling. This removes the need to transfer stocks from timber pallets to transport frames.

Daywalk Steel Pallets

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