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An All-Around Metal Cage: The Daywalk International Cage

Multifunctionality as a trend is a growing, constantly in-demand feature. The same can be said for the metal cage, a common fixture within the industrial sector. Because of this, the Daywalk International Cage is the result of intuitive design regarding the cage’s safety, cage accessibility, product security, and underside functionality.


The International Cage, like all products covered by the Daywalk RETAIN product range, is compatible with the Australian Standard Pallet Racking, providing assurance for situations such as when a forklift bumps a cage in the pallet racking; International Cage’s lock-in safety features ensure that it won’t slip off the racking beams and cause injury.


Because of smart design, the Daywalk International Cage has both pallet racking-compatible and shipping container-friendly. The International Cage is fully pallet racking-compatible, and by reducing the length and width fractionally, the International Cage can be stacked two abreast in a shipping container.


As well, the industrial sector constantly meets issues with heavy loads where there isn’t an even distribution of weight. The Daywalk International Cage’s Safety Under-Rails feature is invaluable for these scenarios. If there is any possibility of the cage capsizing while being transported by a forklift, the under-rails hold the cage in place until the cage can be put down on firm ground again and the load adjusted to be more evenly distributed.


The Daywalk International Cage is a fully-collapsible unit. An operator can assemble or disassemble it single-handedly in a matter of seconds. No tools are required for this process, which means that even if the warehouse is located in a remote area, the International Cage is still very functional. Because the disassembly is so quick, end-users can maximise the warehouse space by disassembling and stacking these bins up to seven-high while not in use. The International Cage can be safely and efficiently stacked as well, based on its foot and post design.


The DAYWALK International Cage is hot-dip galvanised, making it a ruggedized unit ready for tough environments. The mesh cage design with a sold steel floor adds to the heavy-duty capabilities of the International Cage.


The International Cage also has front and rear gates, assuring multifunctional accessibility by way of one or both gates being removable by folding one of the gates down. This makes loading and unloading of cages a very user-friendly operation.


For jobs requiring higher levels of security, the International Cage can also come with a lockable lid, which means the International Cage can be used in tandem with a master-key system for secure drop shipments around site for specific locations. Another optional feature is the ID plate located on the front and back gates facilitated clear demarcation and identification of your gear.


For gears that are bigger than the standard pallet size, the double width International Cage is the solution. It’s also pallet racking-compatible, has forklift safety under-rails, and like the single-width International Cage, the double width fits easily within the width of a shipping container.