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What to Avoid When Storing Products In Metal Cages

Metal cages serve a significant role in the business of every warehouse industry. Aside from giving protection to critical spares, they also allow an additional space for other merchandise to settle. Given their specifications, metal stillages are perfect for vertical stacking, mainly because of their excellent structure, which provides a reliable and solid pile foundation.

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Types of Platforms For Stillage

Stillages can be stacked as much as five times high, depending on the items they retain and the materials used in building the cage. There are many options to choose from when purchasing metal boxes for stowing. Here are some examples of industrial enclosures:

Timber-Based – made from manufactured compressed wood planks. They can be waterproof but not for an extended period, for they may retain moisture that can cause the material to decompose, supplying microorganisms which can contaminate the stowed products and the neighbouring goods.

Mesh-Based – gridlike metal cages that have a breathable platform to allow air circulation for critical spares. They are also lighter in weight compared to other cages. The grids also help strap equipment of any size and shape.

Metal Sheet-Based – they come rust-free metal sheets that are ideal in retaining small or granular items. They provide safety for both the product and their surroundings by catching or restricting any leakage within the area.

Although most stillages are made with precision and durability, the best choice and the most trusted type are the metal cages. Fortunately, the products available in Daywalk today are generally made from or coated with galvanised steel, where you can be assured of a safer and free from corrosion products.

There are additional features of stillages that will suit the warehousing needs. You can choose to buy and use cages with hatches or partitions to separate and categorise items. Another addition is the collapsible cage – it is easy to install and uninstall, and kept aside when unused.

What to Avoid When Storing Products In a Metal Stillage

Humidity – always control the relative humidity (RH) of the room. Monitoring the RH can help balance the temperature, which allows proper ventilation in the environment to avoid moisture or perspiration buildup that can cause rust when exposed to steel.

Mixing Items – it is always better to categorise items according to the type of product, as it helps locate the packages easily. 

Mishandling – when transferring stillages, always treat them with proper care to maintain their durability. A scratch or damage could be the beginning of a liability in the business.

Overstacking – the requirement for standard height of stacking should be mandatory for every warehouse to avoid damage in merchandise and avert from accidents.

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