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VisionMod Pallet Cage 300mmH fixed sides

Benefits of Using Pallet Cages

In handling goods during storage and transport, one needs to have the right materials to efficiently meet the demands of the industry. One of the important thing to have is the pallet cage. Pallet cages would help ensure that goods are secured while they are stored or being transported. Most of the pallet cages that are available in the market are made of metal or steel. This is because metal cages are lightweight and people are opting for it compared to other versions.

Some of the significant benefits of using pallet cages are –


Ensuring that the goods are not damaged in any way is one of the primary goal of any warehouse or shipping company. Pallet cages helps keep secure goods against pilferage and tampering during storage and transport.

Easy Stacking and Handling

Pallet cages are designed to have stackable feet for easy storage and also makes the transportation of goods much easier. To make sure that these cages can be moved without any hassle, forklift entry points are placed in the bottom. With this, one can efficiently organize and pick up stored products without consuming more time. These cages can be transported by forklift or pallet jack and can be stacked up in trucks for as high as 4 when empty and 2 when loaded.

Saves Space

Stackable cages not only help keep your goods in place but it also helps in saving space for storage and transport. Because of its stacking ability, one can stack up as many cages as possible depending on the warehouse space. Some cages have a foldable feature where you can better maximize your storage space. Stackable folding cages have the benefit of being able to be quickly dismantled to save valuable space and provide cost saving, efficient transport.

Materials Handling and Storage Solutions

Daywalk offers a wide variety of steel cages including VisionMod Premium Modular Pallet Cage Steel 300mm with fixed mesh sides to suit your warehousing and handling requirements. This type of a pallet cage steel is designed to provide a rigid and strong support to drums and other delicate products.

For more information about steel cages and other materials handling equipment, contact us or email our sales team at sales@daywalk.com.

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