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The Benefits of Switching to PET Strap

Are you still using traditional steel strapping for the transport or shipping of goods? Or perhaps you’re still using steel strapping to store away your spares or equipment in your warehouse? Maybe it’s time you switched to something safer and more efficient, such as PET or Polyester Strap.

PET or Polyester is a category of polymers that refers to a specific type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). You probably heard of PET as a synthetic fibre polymer in the making of plastic bottles and clothes. However, the PET or Polyester strap described here is a thermoplastic mono-filament type of textile used only for industrial strapping. When held, PET strap feels like plastic but is sturdier.

Polyester or PET strap is actually highly resistant to external damage and corrosion. It retains excellent tension when strapped down on any product during transport or shipping. PET strapping has superb anti-split properties. Compared to ordinary steel strapping that can come loose if shaken vigorously or something heavy falls on it, PET straps are incredibly efficient with a higher safety level for handling and storage, making it also very cost-effective.

The Daywalk PET Strapping System

At Daywalk, we not only offer a premium and strength-proven PET strap but also provide a range of tools for a complete strapping system. Our range of PET strap tools are high-quality, strong, Italian made, and with a formidable reputation for longevity even when used daily or under harsh weather conditions. Daywalk even provides an in-house service and repair facility along with a well-stocked range of spare parts just to support the whole range of Daywalk PET strap system. We also offer short and long term rental units.

Daywalk Polyester (PET) Strapping

Daywalk PET Strap 19mmx1mmx900m orange embossed. Indicative break strength – 722kg.

Daywalk Spartan PET Strap 16mmx0.89mmx1000m orange embossed. Indicative break strength – 540kg.

Daywalk PET Strap 16mmx0.89mmx1000m orange embossed. Indicative break strength – 540kg.

Battery Strapping Tool

Compatible to 16mm – 19mm PET strapping.

Vibration sealing seals the strap.


Lithium Polymer Battery

Strapping tool comes in two types:

  • Semi-Automatic (ITA21 tool)

Semi-automatic that requires manual handling using a lever.

Tension force of 4000N.

Tensioning Speed at 9 metres per minute.

  • Automatic (ITA25 tool)

Fully automatic with push-button pad.

Tension force of 5500N.

Tensioning Speed at 12 metres per minute.

Strapping Lance

Aids in passing PET strap through pallets or wherever the strap needs to go, further improving efficiency.

Dispenser PET/Steel Mobile

Efficient storage and mobility for strap.

Large wheels make dispenser mobile even on rough terrain.

Compatible for PET strap up to 19mm or Steel strap 12-32mm.

Durable steel frame and construction.

Daywalk is a quality company that is proudly Australian owned and operated. The company was founded in 1982 originally as an engineering service company. From an engineering company, it progressed to produce and manufacture packaging tools and by 2009, industrial long-term protection products.