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Benefits of Using Daywalk Silica Gel for Storage Supplies

Have you often encountered tiny white packets inside newly bought items? They are usually stored inside food products that have more extended storage periods, on parcels of any leathered goods, and even inside boxes of some of the most popular electronic gadgets and machines known today. The minuscule, almost unnoticeable porous sachets carry small beads that are called desiccants. Its components are hygroscopic, which can absorb moisture. It plays a vital role in keeping specific objects dry, fresh, and safe from contamination or damage caused by the weather. These granules are commonly known as Silica gel.

silica gel

Factors that Can Start Corrosion

Corrosion on metal surfaces is unstoppable. However, the damages can be minimised if we understand how rust works and how it can affect our merchandise.

Nature of Metal

Physically, metal materials are sturdy and robust. But with the specific elements, they can be subjected to breakage and damage. To get the best out of your purchase, don’t limit yourself to a tight budget, invest in your merchandise by always choosing quality materials.

Weather and the Condition of the Atmosphere

You may purchase the most trusted brands of power tools and machines in the business, but is your warehouse environmentally ready for your safekeeping? The surroundings play a significant factor in almost every object—in this case, anything made from metal.

Humidity can begin a rust outbreak through the trapped liquid present in the vicinity, while aridity can also produce moisture through the processes of perspiration.

Some metal products are prone to rust, especially the ones that are not made from aluminium. Contrary to popular belief, the presence of sodium chloride does not create corrosion. However, the electrolytes present in saltwater could help progress the rust, making the metal objects porous to damage. Additional factors that make rust build-up is trapped dirt and dust for it can attract moisture.

Benefits of Using Desiccants

Did you know that new and unused equipment can corrode over time? Especially in the depot and cargo industry, where stocks of industrial tools and machines are usually kept, can lose large amounts of money over damaged products. Rust on metal is inevitable, and it will penetrate and contaminate your critical spares even when it’s just sitting securely in the storage area.


Fortunately, Daywalk has a solution for that. We offer you quality and durable storage solutions. Silica gels are a necessity in providing excellent conditioning to products when it comes to maintenance and storage facilities. Why is a pack of desiccants a powerful tool? Because of the compound called Sodium Silicate, the synthetic gels have a sorbent property that allows it to absorb liquid from any element or object near it. Exhausted gels can be restored by heating it to a certain degree, but other types also pop when it absorbs enough water.


How can we improve our warehouse? To avoid the spread of corrosion, keep a strict schedule regarding general inspection and maintenance. When it comes to warehouse solutions, Daywalk is the brand to trust. We guarantee superior products to protect your critical spares with Silica gel and more. For bulk orders of desiccants, visit our official website at Daywalk.com for more information.