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The Benefits of Using Rated PET Strap

Pallet strapping is the process of using any type of strapping to unitise, palletise, or bundle products, materials, or other cargo together. Strapping is utilised for various industries such as in shipping large industrial equipment and lumber and reinforcing cases in distribution centres.


What is PET Strap?

PET strap or sometimes called polyester strap is manufactured from Polythene Terephthalate (hence, PET) material or PET chips. It is considered a practical and same-strength alternative to steel straps. PET strapping is used with a manual strapping tool through clip sealing or PET strap sealing. PET strap actually has a better strength to weight ratio than steel strap.


PET is one of the most durable plastic materials. It has a high tensile breaking strength and safe working load (SWL) between 500kg and 722kg.


The Benefits of Using PET Strap


PET strapping is quite durable, and a safer alternative to steel straps. The PET retains tension longer than steel straps because of higher tensile strength. Because of this, PET straps can adjust as the cargo contracts or expands due to pressure or changing weather conditions. Its elastic effect also keeps shrinking cargo tighter.


It is environmentally friendly, and weather and UV (ultra-violet) resistant. Even during weather changes or extreme heat from the sun, PET strapping retains their tensile strength and elastic effect. They are environmentally friendly because after workers remove PET straps from the cargo, the straps can be disposed of for recycling.


Easy to use and handle, extremely safe to handle, and very economical. PET straps are much lighter but with better strength to weight ratio, thus, proving much more economical than steel straps. In terms of safety, PET strapping will not cause personal injuries or forklift tire damage while tensioning or cutting because of the PET’s smooth edges.


Superior flexibility and maximises product/cargo protection. PET strapping is more elastic than steel strapping, and this proves to be important in securing heavy loads over a period of travelling time, especially when on the road.


PET strapping does not damage products, materials, or cargo as it does not have the sharp edges or sometimes the rusty surface of steel straps that can also stain the cargo when moisture occurs, such as from rain. Thus, PET strapping is perfect for strapping bales of cloth, fibres, cotton, and the like.


While most ropes and other straps can only be used for light transport or storage applications, PET strapping can be used for medium to heavy cargo strapping applications. And while steel straps can hold down heavy and bulky cargo, they do not have the elastic and tensile strength of PET strap. Thus. steel straps cannot adjust when the load expands or contracts, or during weather changes.


So, when it comes to PET strapping, consider Daywalk as a brand name because the company has been around since 1992 and has gained tremendous experience when it comes to long-term protective packaging, storage, and restraining cargo and loads in any situation.


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