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The Benefits of Using Steel Cages Over Packed or Covered Stillages

Steel cage, metal stillage or metal cage is a pallet, but with its sides having some sort of cage or a form of specifically customised support for the material or goods it is intended to carry. Some metal cages are designed to be stackable because, technically, they are considered as pallets. Metal cages are used mainly to transport materials, goods, or equipment without the need to load and unload what is being carried. This saves a lot of time and considerably lowers the chances of damage.


Stillages or metal cages come in a wide variety of designs and sizes and is usually made from steel or iron. Some metal cages for light loads are made of aluminium. And because of their durability and longevity, metal cages can also be used as storage for heavy equipment or spare parts and materials in warehouses. Even when not in use in between transits steel cages can be folded, set aside, and will not take up too much space in a warehouse.


When searching for metal cages for your business, you may happen upon cheaper alternatives such as packed or covered pallets that may or may not be made out of metal. One can get confused with other available options. In spite of all this, there are viable reasons why selecting metal cages over packed or covered pallets is a highly beneficial option. Remember that choosing the right metal cages mean that you are after the maximum operational and financial benefits. Consider:


Complete Ventilation

One of the best benefits of metal cages over other ones is that it provides clear and natural ventilation to all materials or goods stored. Many materials and equipment may have a severe issue with a lack of ventilation that may result in quality degradation. This problem is wholly overturned with the simple fact that metal cages are designed as, well, cages, so whether in transit or in a warehouse, the use of metal cages increases tenfold because even in sealed transport or windowless warehouses, the issue of ventilation is met.


Easy Access

The next benefit of metal cages is easy accessibility. The design of steel cages gives a clear view of anything stored inside and provides easy access to them either through doors, drop-fronts, or drop-tops. In contrast, closed or packed pallets not only negates ventilation but also negates the ability to access. The easy access design of metal cages enhances the capability of workers to do more. When steel cages need to be stored away, the amount of space required for storage will keep warehousing costs down because cages are collapsible, easy to stack, and can be assembled and set up quickly.



Once plastic or wood is cracked or broken, it cannot be repaired and has to be disposed of. As for rust, unless metal cages are exposed continuously to the elements, the onset of rust takes a long time. Added protection can also be applied to steel cages to further delay any onset of rust. This goes to show that metal cages are not only durable but have the long-lasting effect of being economical for any warehouse or transport service business.


Unit Load

Undoubtedly, metal stillages can carry more load and weight than any packed or covered using cheap materials or even cheap steel. Metal cages are made to hold a significant amount more due to their engineered and quality design.


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