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The Benefits of Using Steel Pallets vs Custom-Made Transport Frames

Steel pallets and custom transport frames are standard pieces of equipment used for transporting any type of cargo for manufacturing or distribution companies. Both are usually of straightforward design but have varying lengths, widths, and frames for the specific tonnage limit it can carry.


However, there are various differences between a steel pallet and a custom transport frame that often begs the discussion on which of the two is the better option.


Custom Transport Frames

As the name implies, transport frames are custom-made or specialised to carry a specific piece of heavy equipment. Thus, the metal frame is fabricated so the equipment fits perfectly on the transport frame with tie-down points to secure the equipment. Transport frames can be customised to carry over 400kg +.


Transport frames, though having a basic framework, are mostly custom-engineered and purpose-built.


All transport frames use galvanised steel for added strength and rust protection.


Compliant with all 2015 road and transportation compliance and enforcement regulations for securing of loads and monitoring of chain of responsibility.


Steel Pallets

All steel pallets have a basic platform frame. The differences lie in the size, length, width, thickness, tie-down points locations, forklift entry points, and weight capacity. Though a specially designed steel pallet may be used for a specific piece of equipment, steel pallets are designed to carry a variety of parts, materials, cargo, and equipment. Steel pallets can carry loads between 1 tonne and 12+ tonnes.


While steel pallets have a basic frame, they can also be customised for a specific piece of equipment, by using our range of chocking, bolting and spreading accessories. However, steel pallets are made to carry a wide variety of cargo, giving more value for money. They are also stackable, making storage easy when not in use and takes up little space.

Steel pallets are manufactured using galvanised steel for strength, durability, and rust protection. All pallets are compliant with all road and transport regulations.


Because of its strength, steel pallets are not susceptible to damage, so when compared to wooden pallets, each steel pallet gets more value for money on longevity alone. They are also easily cleaned and sanitised using a standard hose and cleaning products or detergents. This means that steel pallets have a minimised capacity to carry any pathogens or germs.


Steel Pallets Have the Advantage

We can safely conclude that steel pallets have the advantage of being able to carry a variety of cargo loads and not just a single specific piece of equipment. Steel pallets also have a higher load-bearing capacity than transport frames, are stackable when not in use, will sustain very little damage, and is easily cleaned and sanitised.


Steel pallets seem like a simple piece of equipment, but it is a tool that is durable, strong, CoR compliant and designed to carry and protect any type of load. Manufacturers and distributors that need to transport and distribute high volumes of parts, materials, products, and equipment understand that having the right steel pallet can save an extraordinary amount of money in the long-term, as compared to investing in transport frames or even wooden pallets.


At Daywalk, our steel pallets have been proven to improve productivity and efficiency when transporting goods and cargo. Ready to discuss your needs? Talk to our team by calling us on 1800 836 891 or send us your enquiry here.