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CamLock Tidy Strap: Why are they so good?

Introducing the Daywalk CamLock Tidy Strap. This product is made to increase efficiency in your warehouse. These straps are an ideal solution since it is re-usable, easy to use, and saves time as you don’t have to constantly cut, dispose, and re-strap pallets. Daywalk CamLock Straps comes with different varieties.

Omnituff CamLock Tidy Straps

Video Transcription

Wondering how you can increase efficiency in your warehouse?

CamLock Tidy Straps are the perfect solutions for you:

Re-useable, easy to use, saves times, rated, HI-VIS.

How to use the CamLock Tidy Strap:

Step 1: Pass the head of the buckle underneath product and pull through other side.

Step 2: Pass the CamLock Tidy Strap over the top of the product.

Step 3: Bring the CamLock buckle and the end of the strap together.

Step 4: Depress lever/buckle fully with one hand to ensure strap can be fed through freely and then feed the angled tail through back of buckle.

(Do not release CamLock lever until angled tail is through completely)

Step 5: Pull strap through buckle and tighten around product.

Step 6: Loop up leftover strap with velcro strap.

Step 7: Store on your forklift so they are ready to use.

Product Details:

Click on the links below to find out more about CamLock Tidy Straps.

Daywalk CamLock Tidy Strap Hi-Vis (Accredited and Labelled)

Various Widths: 25mm & 50mm
Various Lengths: 3m, 5m, 7m
Break Strain: 250kg-500kg

25mmWx5mL 250kg Break Strain (19-CBS25/5/250)
50mmWx3mL 500kg Break Strain (19-CB250/3/500)
50mmWx5ML 500kg Break Strain (19-CBS50/5/500)
50mmWx7mL 500kg Break Strain (19-CBS50/7/500)

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