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How can pallet collars improve productivity?

Are you having troubles with your safety in the racking? Finding it a challenge to continually strap and re-strap pallets at height?

Or is it that your picking speeds are very slow because your smaller parts aren’t optimised in labelled, specific locations?

Maybe your challenge is to try and identify goods at height…

Many other productivity challenges arise in warehouses which I haven’t even mentioned yet.

The good news is, the Daywalk pallet collar system is renowned for its ability to improve productivity at a very economical price.

How does this happen?

Firstly, with the Daywalk pallet collar, by using a unique hold-down bracket, increases safety in racking by offering a solid, rated retaining board around pallets. Being rated to 1.5T WLL, the pallet collar ensures that even heavier items can be safely retained at height.

How does this improve productivity? By reducing the need to cut strapping, pull widgets out, then re-strap again.

The time that pallet collars have proved to save in warehouses by simply offering an economical retaining option is phenomenal.

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Secondly, the pallet collar system is very flexible. By using an innovative ‘3-notch’ divider, it allows the collar to be divided up into any configuration – from 2 compartments through to 16 compartments. Furthermore, the innovative nature of this divider means there is no set configuration for the size of compartments – by using the 3 notches in each divider, any configuration of compartment – large, small, square, rectangle – can be created very easily.

How does this improve productivity? By allowing smaller parts to be correctly segregated into different labelled compartments – making for more streamlined picking. Instead of having to dig through a wide open pallet to try and find the part you are picking, a labelled compartment allows you to navigate straight to this division in the collar and pick, fast.

pallet collars

Thirdly, by using a specialised identification system, the Daywalk Pallet Collar saves time in trying to identify goods in pallets at height. How? By using the Vision Panel, and ID holders. The vision panel is a mesh panel designed to slot into the existing collar configuration. Simply un-pin any one of your sides, and pin the Vision Panel in! Then you have a mesh front / mesh sides which enables you to easily eyeball what is in the pallet collar without having to bring the collar down. Saves time. The ID holder is a simple and cost-effective way to insert a barcode or sign as to what the pallet collar contains.

pallet collars

How does this improve productivity? By ensuring that you are able to identify what is in your pallet collars faster, saving time when picking. Instead of getting 5 of the wrong pallets down to check what they include, a Vision Panel + ID Holder will ensure you pick the right pallet first time.

So there you have it – the Daywalk Pallet Collar is a very simple way to vastly increase productivity in your warehouse – at an economical price for a versatile system.

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