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Can Steel Cages Save Money in the Supply Chain?

The COVID-19 pandemic has put pressure on all supply chains, both financially and operationally. One way to save on costs is to review your supply chain and shift to reusable transport solutions such as steel cages. Whether you’re a manufacturer that ships to distributors, or a distributor that ships to retailers, reviews usually show that cost reduction can be achieved within the transportation logistics area. In addition to regular fuel and machinery costs, logistics and transportation face many cost pressures from several directions.


Reviewing the whole supply chain path

Aside from finding ways to reduce costs in the transportation and logistics area of the supply chain, you can also attempt to identify and eliminate open spaces within the supply chain. You can also decrease freight costs through more compact transport and storage solutions.

  • Try to increase storage density in plastic bins and racks by improving vertical space utilisation. Daywalk offers a range of solutions in this space, from steel cages and steel stillages, plastic bins, and containers.
  • Reduce damage to pallets by shifting to steel cage and steel stillage use.
  • Reduce damage during transportation by eliminating movement in transit by utilising better strapping such as DAYWALK PET strap.
  • Better utilise available floor-space in warehouses to increase storage density.


Replenishment and reusability

Whether in transporting or warehousing, using steel cages can be the fastest way of getting products and goods to distributors or retailers because they can be loaded and unloaded faster. No need to remove single-use plastic wraps and wooden pallets. And once the steel cages are emptied, they can be collapsed and folded for the return journey without taking up too much space. The cages can be reused on a long-term basis, reducing costs in the long run, instead of using wooden pallets and plastic wraps.


Greener solution

Shifting to a steel cage solution use can play a large part in reducing carbon emissions along the supply chain. Metal cages cut down on single-use plastics, wooden pallets, and other wasteful materials traditionally used in transporting and logistics. The reusability of steel cages over a long period also means a further reduction of carbon emissions, beginning with the manufacturer to the distributor up to the retailers.


Intelligent cage designDouble Width Collapsible International Pallet Stillage

The smart design of steel cages ensures not only reusability over a long period but also durability and security. Steek stillages are designed to be collapsible, compatible with pallet jacks, forklifts and pallet racking, and stackable. Galvanised steel sheet flooring and steel mesh sides ensure better protection of products and goods. The mesh sides, half fold-down gates, and lid also offer security against theft and pilferage since the cage is lockable. Everything is visible through the mesh sides, allowing for inspections.


Are you ready to discuss your problems or needs?

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