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Choose the Best Metal Cages for Easier Maintenance

The discovery of metallic minerals plays a vital factor in the progress of our world. It provides a multitude of purposes to human beings, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Metal is also a good conductor of electricity and heat. They also make an excellent foundation for massive structures. There are some factors in the industry that need storage and warehousing solutions that get overlooked when caring for stored equipment, merchandise, and metal cages. And sometimes we tend to become complacent and let our tools sit around, as long as they don’t come in contact with water. But metal is different from other materials. It requires special treatment and conditioning of the area to keep metal rust-free.

We all know that corrosion is the number one weakness of all metals. As durable and as expensive as tools might be, we mustn’t forget that even a tiny dirt accumulation could cause materials as robust as steel to become porous and susceptible to corrosion. But what is metallic rust? And why does it destroy steel?

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What Makes Metal Permeable to Corrosion?

Pure metals come from the Earth’s crust and have been extracted from ores and stones. They are mixed with other minerals to create different materials that are made according to their designed purpose, and some products are made more stringent that they can resist corrosion. There are several types of steel manufactured today, but the most commonly used are aluminium and iron. Fundamentally, steel materials are a valuable component to almost every material thing.


When oxygen, gasses, and moisture or liquids meet with metal, a particular reaction called oxidation is its natural process. When this occurs, the tendency to corrode in the metallic surface is relatively high. Once this reaction transpires, rust will deliberately fuse and penetrate the core making it more porous to damage. The process may also contaminate other essential equipment, but if maintenance is irregular, it can result in massive and untreatable property loss which is why it is best to make sure to take immediate action once the damage is found.

Steps in Maintaining Metal Equipment and Parts

  • Purchase quality products. The price of materials can be a guarantee that it is from a superior class compared to other brands that are cheap which are mostly made in low quality.


If you already have your warehouse tools and equipment, also invest in rust preventive measures. It is also vital to sustaining the condition of metallic products by choosing the best anti-corrosion and protective coatings to ensure its safety.


  • Store your equipment according to its usage. If critical spares are hardly used, separate it from others to avoid contamination through dust, moisture and pests present in the used equipment.
  • When storing critical spares, it is always advisable to have them checked regularly to maintain exceptional condition.

Daywalk metal cages and steel products are guaranteed from corrosion and easily maintained because they are well coated against corrosion or rust. For more information about our steel and metal products, visit our official website at https://daywalk.com/.