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Why Choosing an Excellent Strapping Material Is Important

As little as it may look, industrial strapping plays a vital role in almost every trading business. It is mainly an essential instrument in keeping packages safe and secure, used especially in the warehouse and delivery service industry. Straps are also used to hold the equipment in its place, securing it from harming its surroundings and, at the same time, to protect goods against damages due to the unexpected events that may occur along the course of its shipment.

It can be composed of numerous different materials. Examples of commonly used straps are nylon, steel, corded and woven, polyester, polypropylene, paper and composite restraints.

Daywalk is one of the leading brands for restraints and bundling systems available in the market today, with a variety of durable and reliable strapping materials to cater to your needs for a reasonable price.

PET Strapping 19mm

Types of Straps for Bundling

Nylon – nylon webbing is one of the most recommended types of strapping material due to its durable composition. It is made from three kinds of plastics that allow the belt to become versatile. It can be stretched to conform to the shape of the equipment while keeping a retractable structure to hold down items. It may be costly, but the purpose it serves is quite remarkable, with its maximum attachment security to ensure the safety of goods.

Steel – made from durable stainless steel materials, steel straps are one of the oldest forms of banding tools. It can hold down large and heavy objects without cracking and bending. However, once the maximum limit of pressure is reached, it will no longer hold its purpose, unlike other stretchy material where the belt is still functional.

Corded and Woven – made chiefly from polyester and rayon, corded and woven straps have higher flexibility and stretchability compared to other straps. Because it is woven, it creates a stronger and secure bundling and enables the fastening of items without damaging them in the process.

Polyester – also known as PET strap, it is also made from woven polyester and nylon. It is considered as one of the most reliable and most durable banding systems in the market today. It is rust-free and does not contaminate valuables when subjected to harmful environmental factors such as humidity, which causes moisture buildup. It is reusable as well as affordable compared to other strapping materials.

Polypropylene – is made from thermoplastic polymer. It’s characterised as hard-wearing, lightweight, tensile, and non-corrosive. It can withstand pressure and is impervious to various weather conditions. It also comes in a variety of sizes with colours and designs.

Paper – easy to remove, the material can be customised into any preferred design, and can be used for branding. However, paper straps can only hold down light items and are susceptible to decay; it can also easily break.

When choosing for the appropriate strapping system, always consider the following:

  • Size of package
  • Type of item
  • Climate of area
  • Type of transportation used for delivery
  • The price of tools
  • Environment-friendly and sustainability

Selecting Daywalk strapping system is a great help for your business. It protects the goods and can prevent you from paying extra costs if mishaps occur. To order our excellent bundling materials, visit us at our official website at Daywalk today.