QLD Container Deposit Scheme


QLD Container Deposit Scheme



November 2018


– Storage Solutions

– Supply Chain

– Proprietary Design

– Safety Management


– Recycling


Compatible cage design required within tight deadlines

Daywalk were approached by Cleanaway with a time-critical scope for the Queensland Container Deposit Scheme. The scheme, commencing on 1 November 2018, was initiated by the Queensland Government with a view to improving the sunshine state’s recycling efforts. Daywalk were engaged to supply cages for the transport of beverage containers from Container Refund Points to the processing facilities and within those facilities. Due to the tight deadlines under which the scheme was rolled out, guaranteed deliverability was key to the success of Daywalk’s engagement. Furthermore, the cage design needed to consider for integration with existing equipment to ensure safe tipping operations.

Daywalk case color
super collectors with metal stillage

Custom recycling cages for efficient & safe movement of beverage containers.

With over a decade’s experience in promotion of safe and efficient storage and transport, Daywalk brought unique insights to this recycling scheme. Daywalk’s commitment to go beyond simply supplying product led to the development of a fit-for-purpose transport cage system that achieved compatibility with existing infrastructure. To mitigate supply chain risk and ensure deliverability, Daywalk used four manufacturing facilities. From concept and manufacture through to project management, Daywalk delivered on time and to client specifications. The resulting customer satisfaction underscores the success of Daywalk’s project delivery model.

'Daywalk’s excellence in keeping us informed and periodical reports was exceptional… as a result, Cleanaway was able to deliver on time and meet all contractual requirements. This was an exceptional result for the team at Cleanaway and the team at Daywalk’

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