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Engineered Transport Frames

Move your equipment quickly, safely & compliantly. BeAssured™


DAYWALK Engineered Steel Pallets were born to bridge the gap of compliance and efficiency, by creating a solution that achieved both.

The spectrum of solutions already available started with a wooden pallet – non-rated, for lighter components – but cost effective and off-the-shelf. The other end of the spectrum was a custom transport frame – engineered and compliant, but costly and often taking weeks to design, engineer and build. The solution had to be something in between the two: Meeting the compliance needs, but saving time and money compared to conventional custom solutions. Since the early development of our Engineered Steel Pallet, we have continued to develop our transport frames portfolio, with the innovation being brought to component-specific solutions, making a pump frame or electric motor transport frame pre-engineered, adjustable for multiple applications and easy to access.

Logistics Engineered, Not Just Structural

At DAYWALK, we understand that for you to BeAssured™ of a safe transport outcome, solutions need to be engineered to the correct standards.

That’s why the DAYWALK transport systems are ‘logistics engineered’ and certified to not only take the load secured to it, but uphold the same integrity when subjected to the forces in Load Restraint Guide 2018. If a truck driver has to stop unexpectedly – the DAYWALK system is designed and certified to meet those forces. Each pallet and solution comes with a certified load guide to ensure you comply with all Australian standards. This is to give you peace of mind that once your equipment is with Daywalk, you can BeAssured™ of a safe result.

A ‘Meccano-Style’ System >

Certification is a key element, but ease of use and versatility are also critical. This includes simplifying the system to make estimating and specifying the right product for the application in-house a possibility.

DAYWALK’s modular ‘Meccano’ system is designed to suit a wide variety of applications, to give both you and the customer a versatile option. By using the DAYWALK bolts, you can secure a gearbox. By using the DAYWALK chocks, you can secure a cylinder. By using the DAYWALK adjustable legs, you can secure a pump. This system saves time and money by providing an easy-to-store, easy-to-specify option. Not only are a wide range of Rated Steel Pallet sizes held in stock, but DAYWALK also stocks the specialised engineered accessories to suit.

warman pump presentation


If your piece of equipment does not suit the DAYWALK instock range, our in-house specifications and engineering team has got your back.

With design, logistics engineering and custom fabrication capabilities, certified transport solutions can be turned around to meet your tight deadlines. We design our accessories to ensure complete modularity with the Rated Steel Pallets we stock, to give you the added benefit of versatile use.