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Corrosion Conference 2016

Corrosion Conference 2016

Corrosion Conference 2016 is an event organised by NACE International, an organization that equips society to protect people, assets, and the environtment from the adverse effects of corrosion. This big event is organized to showcase the latest advancements in the field of Marine Corrosion, Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion, Pipeline Integrity, Anodic and Cathodic Protection, Geothermal System Corrosion and Scaling to name a few.

Daywalk attended the said event last March 6-10, 2016 and exhibited Seal ‘n Peel, a product Daywalk originally formulated as a part of the 4VAP Range, designed to prevent corrosion on any metal surfaces.

Check out Gary Menzie’s Interview on Seal ‘n Peel below

My name is Gary Menzies. I’m a part of the Global Sales Team working for a company called Daywalk. We’re in the area of preservation and long term protection for critical spares. Really, we are passionate about preventing wastage!

And specifically we’ve gone into Seal ‘n Peel which is part of our 4VAP product range and that is a peelable paint coating. Daywalk Seal ‘n Peel is used in the area of temporary coatings between production and installation and it will used in things like the ____flanges, on shafts, or anywhere where there is machine or metal surface which an installation needs to be _____that’s where Seal ‘n Peel is used. The Seal ‘n Peel is all about that (you might say) long-term protection, however, it is actually deemed a temporary coating because after one month, or 12 months, or even 24 months, that coating is actually peeled back and there you have that shiny old surface that once was when you coated it. So it had not allowed the moisture come in and therefore when____installation you have that shiny, undamaged surface. To where Seal ‘n Peel is mostly used is another area of the time between production through the installation. That could be one week, it could be 24 weeks, it could be 24 months. We have had a customer that said just one coat of Seal ‘n Peel saves him so much time and money because of the rust that it prevents, so it is a huge benefit to the customer.

So Daywalk Seal ‘n Peel have three major benefits for customers. The one that is quick drying, 5-10 minutes and it is actually touch dry, so it is a very-fast drying paint. The second one, it is non-seepy, so where the paint is, the rust isn’t–that’s a major benefit for the customer. And thirdly, where the actual installation time, when you peel that product back it is non-residue so the clean-up time is basically brought back to nothing.

Daywalk has really responded to a global request where we were an Australian-based company, and Seal ‘n Peel has taken us global market and is really because we’ve responded to customer needs and customer requests whether a specific requirements and we jump to those hoops and we earn much earned respect from customers and has taken us to the next level. I believe that the whole customer service thing (has) by responding to customers really working with customers as partner of ours has taken us into that level from which we progress further.
We are very excited about the future, we have this recently established a ___ in Texas and Houston from which we distribute to the whole of North America. And in the last few weeks we have been asked to do a similar thing in Europe so we actually based ____ in Netherlands, in ____ from which we will service the European market. And it’s really working with our customers to understand what their needs are and then working with them together to make it right. For instance, we’ve done Seal ‘n Peel for some years, we have customer’s specific needs in stainless steel preservation so we have reformulated to specifically cover for stainless and other special needs in preservation. We certainly encourage you to get in touch with us and you can go into our landing page daywalk.com/sealnpeel — inquiry and we will gladly work with you and your team.

To know more about Seal ‘n Peel or about our company, feel free to send us an email or talk to our friendly Daywalk chat support at the lower-right hand corner of this page.