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Daywalk cover used to cover heavy equipment

Could Reusable Covers be the Sustainable Preservation Answer?

Almost all industries, but most of all, the food and beverage industries, have a plastic problem. In truth, 35% of global plastic waste comes from the food and beverage industries. While one solution is to make it more practical for consumers to recycle, there is a new direction for many industries and companies to explore alternatives in reusable packaging and reusable covers that is seen as a more promising solution.

mountains of plastic waste

Why is One-Use Plastic a Problem?

The basic problem with one-use or single-use plastic is that it is thrown away after being used only once. Just look around a supermarket, and you’ll get the idea of the amount of one-use packaging that is thrown away each day. Even with efforts to encourage people to segregate one-use plastics for recycling, most people simply throw away one-use plastic packaging as soon as they are opened, and the contents are extracted.

One-use plastic is now the largest contributor to global pollution as plastic can quickly accumulate on city streets, landfills, and anywhere there is water. Up to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic per year can make their way to the seas and oceans from people living as far inland as 30 miles. One-use plastics alone can be the cause of death for thousands of land and marine animals and birds each year.

In short, plastic pollution is a global problem that needs radical solutions today to minimise plastic waste.

Does Sustainability Have a Place with Industry Packaging Systems?

The deterioration of the environment caused by discarded single-use materials has already reached critical levels, leading to negative impacts on ecosystems and even human health. Sustainability definitely has a place in industry packaging systems since, rather than recycling awareness, the strategy is to shift towards sustainability and innovative designs, that can be used up to 10 times before being thrown into recycling.

Many companies now realise that economic opportunities for up to 50% of plastic sustainability are now possible. The savings and cost-effectiveness of sustainability can be considerable and even lead to more profits.

The competitive advantage to be gained, coupled with opportunities to shift consumer behaviour, make for compelling arguments encouraging all industries to start investing in sustainability.

What is the DAYWALK Difference?

Sustainability, be it with packaging or covers, does face a couple of challenges along the way. Reusable and sustainable materials must be more durable than plastic. Also, to be more cost-effective, they must be strong enough to withstand continuous use, as well as constant cleaning as the material is reused over and over.

reusable covers by Daywalk

This is where the DAYWALK difference comes in. DAYWALK’s Reusable Covers are made of highly durable material that is 100% waterproof and is UV resistant. That means these reusable covers offer more than adequate protection against extreme moisture and weather that can be the causes of rust and corrosion. These reusable covers can be custom-made depending on your company’s needs. The covers can come in various colours, sizes, and thicknesses. They can also have eyelets and rope ties on the bottom for secure holding in position when in transit or storage. Other options for customisation include label printing, A4 ID pouch, zipped sides, lifting lugs, and Velcro sides.

DAYWALK Reusable Covers can be used as engine covers, crusher covers, pulley covers, cylinder covers, and pallet covers. Reusable VCI covers are also available for high-level protection against rust and corrosion. Give the DAYWALK team a call today on 1300 662 987, so we can discuss your industry problems or your next project. You can also send your enquiries HERE so we can give you a prompt response.