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DAYWALK celebrates it’s first anniversary

We are excited to announce that we are celebrating our first anniversary under the DAYWALK brand since changing from Omni-tuff on March 2nd 2020. The rebranding to DAYWALK took effect last March 2, 2020 with a bigger vision to bring BeAssured to high-risk industries and work environments.

Why the rebrand?

Omni-tuff name change to Daywalk in 2020

Since the operations of the original maintenance business in 1992, through industrial packaging lines from 2006, now to Design Logistics, DAYWALK’s vision has always been to improve the life of the user. Their customers have always relied on them to be the reliable partner that will stand by, even when times get tough. At the inception of DAYWALK, the team dug deep into why they really care so much and when this “culture” was traced to its roots, it all began with the company founder’s mother – Trish.

Trish stood for a culture that served people. When Trish was living in Cape Town, South Africa, she and other family members would hand out jam sandwiches to every poor passer-by making their way to town.

The family home was located in the Cape Town suburb of Pinelands, the name of the street was Days Walk. Hence the DAYWALK name stuck ever since, the reason we care is because life is so precious.

Just as Trish’s focus in giving out jam sandwiches to the poor was because Life is Precious, DAYWALK concentrates on solving the most complex transport and storage challenges, with a focus on safety. Safety because Life is Precious.

Check out our Story here:

Looking forward to the future

Omni-tuff operating as DaywalkAs the second and third generations continue the family business in Australia, DAYWALK is focused on bringing safer and more effective solutions to the heavy industry, going further in its achievements and recognitions, especially in the mining, oil, and gas industries. The company is looking at further innovations to improve the safety and sustainability in transporting and storing heavy equipment and parts, including enhanced truck restraint methods.

To see the highlights of DAYWALK’s first year in 2020, see here.


Initially founded in 1992 as an Engineering Company, SMS Omni-feed repaired and manufactured timber handling solutions for sawmills. Starting in 2003, the company began to concentrate on packaging products. By 2006, the company increased its range of packaging products to include safety strapping, VCI plastics, and other related products. In 2009, SMS Omni-feed commenced progress on further products for long-term protection and storage solutions for heavy industries. With the new rebrand, visit DAYWALK at https://daywalk.com/.

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