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Daywalk's transport pallet

DAYWALK Engineering Expertise Making a Difference for Industry

The journey of modularity

The journey towards DAYWALK’s modularity didn’t just start from the challenge of road freight to safely transport heavy equipment like large engine blocks, valves, pumps, drills, and gearboxes. The journey begins because DAYWALK realised that:

  • Many of the current systems and transport frames manufactured by many companies are only minimally compliant to structural standards and not for transport.
  • Current freight systems and transport frames are all customised, and therefore, for one-time use or a specific component only.
  • Customisation means the designing, engineering and manufacturing are expensive and are time-consuming.

Modularity begins because when you look at the road freight spectrum. On one end, timber frames are readily available, but they are not entirely safe for road freight use, especially when heavy equipment is concerned. On the other end was the expensive customised transport frame. They took time to be designed, engineered, and fabricated.

The DAYWALK response to this road freight challenge is to logistically engineer a series of products and accessories that could be interchanged with each other to conform to the heavy load that needed to be transported. The DAYWALK modular solution, called the “Meccano System,” not only focused on safety, but also:

  • Not only structurally designing and fabricating the products but also logistically engineering each product to be rated for transport and logistics.
  • Certified for road freight use.
  • Modular in the sense that it can be used for multiple pieces of equipment and loads without the need for costly customisation.
  • Reusable multiple times, whether with the same component or with others.
  • Readily available off the shelf.
Daywalk's steel pallet securing a heavy load

For transport pallets and frames, visit us at Daywalk.com.

Our patented system

DAYWALK’s transport system and “Meccano System” for on-road use, is a patented system that is a leader in creating safer journeys. These “mesh top” steel pallets can be used for road transportation ensuring safety and security for whatever loathe steel transport frame is being used for. DAYWALK’s superior engineering assures its users of maximum safety, flexibility, and practicality.

How we are changing the future for transport

Instead of costly one-time customised transport frames, DAYWALK’s modular transport frame systems (including the Meccano System) are all based on a basic platform. DAYWALK’s basic platform frames come in different sizes, heights, and lengths, but their thickness, forklift entry points and tie-down locations remain the same because of the primary frame design. Patented bolting systems, which can lock through choking systems, and anti-slip mats can be flexible and moved around to suit any particular cargo or load.


Are you considering your next set of transport frames or transport pallets? Make an enquiry now, and let’s discuss your next project or what you need to move on the road. Call us on 1300 662 987. You can also send your enquiries HERE.