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Daywalk ITA Tool Cleaning Guide

Here is a complete guide how to properly clean your Daywalk ITA Tool.


ITA25 Battery Strapping Tool (Auto)
ITA25 Battery Strapping Tool (Auto)

ITA Battery Operated Strapping Tool Cleaning Guide
Video Transcription
Important: Do not touch feedwheel strap locker, welding platem welding foot or cutter with airgun or any metallic object

Safety Point: Never direct a stream of compressed air towards your body or at any one else. Always remember to wear safety glasses and gloves when cleaning your tool with compressed air.

Only use oil and water.
Free air compressor.

Using clean air compressor blow down the ITA battery operated tool, paying particular attention to feed wheel, strap locker, welding plate, welding foot, cutter, welding assembly, battery, battery socket. Done!