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What is the Daywalk ‘MAINTAIN’ product range?

There are three product ranges offered by Daywalk. Their products are divided into the following core areas: Retain, Restrain, and Maintain. Generally, most warehouses only have a real need for the former two, but recent trends in warehouse advice show that there’s a growing need within the industry lately for the third silo.

What are these silos exactly, and what are their products dedicated to?

RETAIN products cover items such as pallets (such as the steel pallet and hardwood pallets), bins, and cages (like the metal cage and pallet cages) – these are products used for product retention and transitory handling, such as shipping and end-user stocking. RESTRAIN products include rated strapping and tie downs, which are used to prevent damage to cargo during transit, such as breakage prevention. MAINTAIN products, finally, are products that focus on the preservation and long-term protection of critical equipment and spare parts.

However, with over 2 trillion dollars being spent on preservation annually, MAINTAIN is a core focus area for guys in the heavy industry wanting to save money by preserving their spares.

The MAINTAIN silo is made up of the 4VAP system. The 4VAP stands for 4-step Visual Asset Preservation, which is a step-by-step layered protection process intended to provide full surface coverage for your equipment. Products belonging to this category include the following:

  • Outer foils and plastics and scrim/foil/plastic laminate
  • VCI paper that absorbs moisture before it manages to come into contact with exposed or rust-prone metal surface
  • E-Gel desiccant (such as silica gel) and VCI emitters, wherein e-Gel absorbs moisture
  • Integral protection for metal surfaces through the Unituff Peelable Coatings range

MAINTAIN also aims to protect both large and small components – whether it’s through a UV/CI resealable zip-bag seal or a pallet or engine bag. Commonly available in 300mm and 750mm bag widths (as well as other widths upon inquiry), the component bags are replete with UV stabilisers and VCI masterbatch. Component bags are available with UV stabilising only, as well.

When it comes to warehouse advice and solutions, team Daywalk is here to help you.