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Daywalk Metal Cage Versatility for Warehouses

Daywalk metal or steel cages are the most versatile investments for any warehouse storage system. The Daywalk line of steel cages and stillages are the best solutions because they are compatible with all forklifts and other lift systems, are stackable, easily collapsible and dismantled for storage, has anti-tipping bars and steel mesh sides, and made from sturdy galvanised steel for rust prevention.

 metal cages

Daywalk’s metal cages also have options for lockable lids, hinged gates, or removable half-fold down gates.

Metal or steel cages are the most efficient way to save space and increase the versatility of any pallet racking system. Metal cages are ideal for a wide range of storage applications and, when not in use, can easily be stored away either by stacking or racked side-by-side.

Metal cages are the most versatile storage solution for any industrial warehouse and even for transporting goods and heavy equipment. Cages can address almost any problem with warehouse storage and transport such as:


With its lockable gates and lids, material theft and pilferage in warehouses and during transport can be addressed with efficiency. The additional protection provides not only peace of mind to warehouse managers and companies, but also saves a lot of money that can be wasted on theft.

Damage from Extreme Weather

Goods and equipment can be damaged by rain and other extreme weather conditions, even sudden changes in temperature. Exposure even to the sun can be damaging to products, especially if storage outdoors is necessary. Daywalk steel cages have optional removable protective covers to protect anything inside the cages against the elements.

Storage of Irregularly Shaped Materials or Equipment

Metal cages allow for storage of irregularly shaped items and equipment that cannot be stacked. The items can easily be placed inside the cage, and the cages can be stacked as normally would. Steel cages with hinged gates or half-fold gates are also preferable for storing boxes so workers can quickly see what is stored in the cage. Metal cages with gates also give safe and fast access to items in case of inspections without the need to remove the entire pallet from the cage.

Accidents and Damages

Metal cages significantly prevent loose items from falling, preventing damages and accidents to workers. If materials or equipment are unrestrained while being lifted by a forklift into a pallet rack, at least the steel mesh walls will prevent any spillage or falling items. This factor alone presents a huge safety aspect in avoiding risks of injury or damage to workers, property, and equipment.  

Metal cages are the most versatile, multi-purpose, and investment-saving storage solution for any warehouse or transport requirements. Aside from cage sizes ranging from 300mmH up to 1420mmH, there is also an option for budget storage and handling such as the Daywalk Shield International Zinc Cage, or the Double Width Cages for oversized materials or heavy equipment. 

Contact Daywalk today to learn more about metal cages, pallet cages, and steel pallets, or to enquire for more details and request for a quote. Their website is at https://daywalk.com/.