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Daywalk Metal Cages: The Best Choice for Stillage Storage

When looking for ways to secure your goods and equipment, Daywalk is a trusted provider of superior products for warehouse facilities including pallets, metal cages, strapping tools and more, for your storage needs. Its solutions are used to avoid damage during shipment and avert from spoilage during stowing items.

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The Beginning of a New Era

Daywalk has been in business since 1992, starting out as a sawmill support entity. As the years went on, when the market was continuously building a strong customer base, the company began heading in a new direction, and started bringing the market products that were used for securing packages during shipment and storage.

In 2006, the first rust stabilising products and strapping tools were made. And the decision to incorporate the market of the packaging industry to the business was solidified.

During July 2009, the patent for providing and supplying long-standing protection for critical spares and equipment has been a top priority of the company. Garnering the trust of loyal customers and, at the same time, meeting new satisfied clients.

Wooden Vs. Metal Cages

There are many types of stillage and crates made for numerous functions, but when it comes to warehouse solutions, nothing beats the upholding strength of the metal stillage. While wooden cages are lighter the metal, there is no doubt that any steel structures can provide a better and stronger foundation for casing and protecting critical spares and equipment.

Wooden materials, if not properly treated to maintain its quality and durability, can be a source of contamination when storing consumable goods. Wood, if it becomes wet or when moisture is trapped, can be a beginning of mould and fungus manifestations, which will eventually make the crate vulnerable to decay and pest infestations.

Metal stillages can allow areas to add space since they can be stacked vertically, as much as five cages high, with the use of a forklift for secure piling.


Aside from that, the composition of the materials is much sturdier and can last longer than the average wooden crates. Because of its natural elements, wooden materials are susceptible to deterioration and decomposition faster than other resources of other by-products available in the market today. Although the cost can be expensive, metal stillages are more beneficial for long-term purposes.

Why Choose Daywalk Products?

The Stillages are Collapsible – can be folded and neatly set aside if unused to add space for other intentions in the storage areas.

Quality materials – the cost of each equipment compensates with the superiority of the products. Metal materials used for manufacturing such products are from metal elements that are highly resistant to corrosion and moisture buildup.

Can be Personalised – to provide exclusive deals, Daywalk offers clients the option to choose their preferred colours and can even imprint their company names in the selected items, to allow uniformity and ownership.

Are you looking for a supplier of excellent and quality metal cages for your warehousing needs? Contact us today by visiting our official website at Daywalk, for more details.