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Daywalk Moisture Control

EGel & Refillable Breathers

Introducing Daywalk Moisture Control. The product includes refillable breathers, disposable breathers, and eGel. Let’s have an overview of these products.

Disposable Breathers

These products range includes high quality reusable stainless steel pressure equalizing values. Also, disposable breathers are designed with high quality and cost effective measures in mind, delivering value while ensuring cost savings.


These Silica Gel orange to green silica gel desiccant that will absorb moisture vapour whilst remaining dry to touch. The amount of moisture absorbed will depend on the quality of desiccant used. Once dried out, the indicator will revert to its original colour. The Silica Gel e-Gel beads are made to be non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendlier than other types of Silica Gels. This can be used in both non-oil bath and oil-bath breathers.

Refillable Breathers

The Daywalk Breathers are available in different eGel volume capacity. The products are stainless steel shealth to protect from UV.

Video Transcription

Omni-tuff Refillable Breathers Range
Breather Range to suit various Transformer Capacities
Stainless steel sheath to protect from UV
Plumb Breathers in series for increased capacity
Technical details available
Full range of e-Gel refills;
5kg, 12.5kg & 25kg pails
Omni-tuff e-Gel is environmentally friendlier; non-cobalt indicator

New Daywalk Disposable Breather
Superior Valve & BSP Thread prevents e-Gel from expiring in storage. Connects straight to network no adaptor rerquired. Used in mining electrical networks.

Daywalk e-Gel available in satchets; 50-1000g sizes. Indicating window for preventative maintenance used in conjunction with 4VAP preservation system.


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