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Daywalk Pallet Cages: The Cost-Effective VisionMod Cage

Daywalk’s range of systems are designed to enhance safety and minimise waste by facilitating operational and cost efficiencies across the board. For instance, in the creation of the VisionMod Pallet Cage, Daywalk created a cost-effective cage solution by combining a hardwood pallet with a metal cage.


An economical solution

The superiority of the pallet cage in carrying and protecting any load within its capacity, whether in transporting or in storage, is quite known. And not to mention the fact that the pallet cage’s longevity in contrast to wooden or even plastic pallets is undeniable, especially in terms of durability and cost-effectiveness in the long run.


VisionMod cage features

The Daywalk VisionMod Premium Modular Pallet Cage is the best way to retain products or materials economically. Its high features include:

  • Two removable hinged mesh sides and gates. The gates afford easy and almost effortless inside access to whatever items are inside the cage. The pallet cage is standard-sized that perfectly fits on top of a standard-sized wooden pallet and is well-hinged so the steel cage cannot topple over.
  • One of the gates can be folded down in half to provide better access while loading or unloading items inside.
  • The sides are made of steel mesh so fast identification of items inside makes for improved stacking organisation. The steel mesh sides also give proper protection to items inside the cage.
  • Since a standard-sized hardwood pallet is used, the modular pallet cage is compatible with forklifts and for stacking.
  • For cost-effectiveness, if a company hasn’t stockpiled any hardwood pallets, Daywalk can provide and supply the hardwood pallets for the VisionMod pallet cages.
  • When removed from its pallet floor, the metal cages become a flatpack since the hinged sides can be folded to make it easier for transport and storage.
  • VisionMod is available in 800mm, 500mm, and 300mm height sizes.


800mmH x 2330mmW Double Width Cagesteel pallet cages

Also available is an 800mm height and 2330mm double-width size model with lift-off gate. This VisionMod cage is perfect for long or oversized materials and loads that need to be protected.



Formerly Omni-tuff, Daywalk has always been known for its quality array of metal cages and pallet cages. And when we made the change in March of this year, our products deliver the same top quality and durability that we gave to our past clients. Browse the Daywalk website to find out more about our makeover.