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Daywalk PET System Video

Introducing the Daywalk PET System. The product comes with Daywalk ITA PET Strapping Kit that has complete starter package that contains everything you need for strapping your high-value products and goods.

The tool comes with 2 Batteries and a charger.

Item Code: 03-ITA25

inside ITA KIT PET Strapping

Video Transcription
Introducing the Daywalk how to series

The Daywalk way to strap a pallet.

Step 1

Ensure that the tool is set to the correct tension for the good that you are strapping up. This depends on the type of tool you own in the setting. Please refer instruction manual online for more detail.

Step 2
Feed the strap over the top of the pallet. Daywalk recommends that you feed the strap at 90 degrees to the bearer.

Step 3
The most reliable way to strap a pallet is to feed it under the bearers, however, is strapping over the top boards for extra strength, pass the strap underneath the top board which is closest to the item being strapped. This means that you prevent your pallet from doing just this.

Step 4
And finally step four. Strap at least twice over the pallet at 90 degrees to the bearers, ensuring each weld is checked and sound.

And there we have it, the Daywalk way to strap a pallet.

Please note this is only general advice. We advise you to conduct a safety operating procedure in accordance with your company/site policies.
To know more about this product, visit ITA 25 Battery Operated Strapping Tool Kit or send us an email at sales@daywalk.com and our customer service representatives will be very happy to assist you.