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forklift with Double Recycle Cage

The Advantages of Using Metal Cages as Recycle Bins or for Recycling Storage

Recycling is a responsibility and moral decision to attempt to preserve our planet’s environment by organising trash using recycling bins or metal cages as recycling storage bins. Recycling paper, cartons, bottles, plastic, and cans can be convenient because it reduces the amount of trash thrown away in dumpsters.

 recycling cages

Trash thrown away is reduced

Recycling some of your trash can result in a reduced amount of garbage that goes into landfill. When people become conscious about what they throw away and what is recyclable, they can sift out the biodegradables from the non-biodegradables.


Saving the environment

Recycling reduces the load on any country’s landfill by reusing materials instead of throwing them away. Recycling even reduces the need for mining and processing production. Instead of mining for raw materials, products can reuse recycled materials for manufacturing.


Moral Reasons

With the pollution caused by fossil fuels and not recycling trash, it would be very irresponsible as a community to not engage in recycling efforts. Many city and municipal areas now have laws and incentives encouraging people to separate their recyclables from their trash. Having metal cages or steel mesh cages as recycling bins in public places helps to make this easier, and keeps the environment clean.


DAYWALK Multi-Purpose Recycling Cages

As the leader in the manufacturing of metal cages and pallet cages for storage and transportation, DAYWALK now introduces its new line of Multi-Purpose Recycling Cages.


The cages come in two models: The Single Recycle Cage (1160x1160x1300mm) and the Double Recycle Cage (2200x1160x1300mm).


Both models are DAYWALK’s new range of metal cages manufactured specifically for the recycling industry to facilitate bulk transport of recyclable waste to recycling facilities. The cages are stackable and forklift or pallet jack compatible. Other design features that make these metal cages great for the recycling industry include:

  • Carefully desgined to suit safe & easy tipping
  • The floor and mesh sides are made of zinc-plated metal that can withstand rusting.
  • Can be stacked up to two high and can carry up to 500kg load.
  • Can be installed with ID plate or plaque.
  • Sheeted options available for glass recycling.
  • Wheeled option available for movement within recycling facilities.


The cages can be assembled and bolted together. Thus, when not in use, the metal cages can be stored away easily without taking up too much space. They can even be stacked for easier storage.


DAYWALK has been around since 1992 when it started as an engineering service and quality packaging company. Today, the company concentrates on its efforts in creating quality products for long-term protective storage and packaging for warehouses and transportation. This includes manufactured bins, metal cages, pallet cages, and even restraining products such as PET system straps and polywoven straps. DAYWALK is an Australian-owned company with a global reach and is passionate in preventing wastage of resources and time. For enquiries on the full list of Daywalk products or to request for a full quote, visit the Daywalk website today at https://daywalk.com/.