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DAYWALK Storage Cage: What is a Steel Stillage?

Steel stillages are designed and manufactured using steel (as the name implies) and used for separating goods when they are carried during transporting or in warehouse storage. Steel stillages, sometimes called steel cages, have steel mesh walls so goods inside the cage can be easily identified. This differentiates it from its enclosed steel storage cage cousin.

Why is DAYWALK a stillage leader?

Daywalk believes in commitment and service to others, and it is this same commitment and service that goes in planning, designing, engineering, and manufacturing their transport and storage systems. These systems are designed not just to protect products but to protect the people that handle the products. DAYWALK’s innovation approach means solving challenges with solutions that are “Fit for Purpose” while maximising safety in any environment.

All this commitment, service, and innovation can be seen in the DAYWALK line of steel stillages or steel cages. The whole range comes in single or double sizes, are collapsible, racking compatible, and are rated for engineering and safety for maximum safety that suits all logistical and warehousing needs.

Highest quality

All DAYWALK steel stillages are made from durable steel with steel mesh walls and steel sheeted floors. For additional durability, the whole cage is galvanised to protect the steel against rust and corrosion. The high quality of these steel stillages means that their longevity is longer than wooden, plastic, or other metal pallets and cages. The stillages are so durable that they can be stacked four-high and racking and forklift compatible. They have removable gates for easy access to goods and also have optional lockable lids for additional security.

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For your storage cage needs and applications, contact us at Daywalk.com today.

Leading engineering

DAYWALK’s range of steel stillages has become successful because of its core commitment to maximum customer safety in vital industries such as manufacturing, equipment transporting, oil and gas, mining, and other heavy industries. All DAYWALK steel stillage solutions are the result of careful study coupled with engineering solutions that have been thoroughly tested for demanding conditions. Every steel stillage solution even offers a much better alternative to customised designs offered by other companies.

Built for Australian conditions

Australian land transporting conditions can be some of the harshest in the world due to the extreme and unpredictable weather conditions of the country. All DAYWALK steel stillages are made for ultimate safety in transporting and warehouse storage, whether the load is bulk goods or single heavy equipment or spare parts. In fact, all DAYWALK products are quality engineered to even stand up to the forces of braking, inertia, and even for height safety.


Daywalk is a fully Australian owned company that is now recognised as a global innovator in storage and transport systems. All its products including its storage cage and steel stillage systems are solid solutions that came from first listening to exactly what clients require or need first. The DAYWALK team is always committed to taking the time to listen first and understand its client’s unique problems and challenges. After listening, Daywalk responds with accurate logistical solutions that undergo consistent testing before being certified as cleared to become deliverables. Don’t hesitate to call us today on 1300 662 987 to discuss your needs with us. You can also complete our CONTACT FORM and we will get in touch with you.