Last month, Daywalk was invited by Fluor Farnborough to exhibit at the Annual Construction Week. Daywalk met with key representatives from the region to discuss key solutions around Rust Prevention and Mitigation in the diverse environments that projects experience in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a result of recent interactions, Daywalk has published application guidelines for Daywalk Seal’n’Peel. This allows applicators to follow suggested guidelines when applying Seal’n’Peel and achieve consistency in their operations.

Application Specification – Daywalk Seal’n’Peel 452

Application Specification – Daywalk Seal’n’Peel OGS

Daywalk supplies a peelable coating that prevents corrosion on metal components during storage or transportation. Seal’n’Peel works on preventive technology, which significantly decreases costs and time spent in removing rust compared to traditional technologies.


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