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Daywalk’s New Heavy-duty, Stackable, Full-Protection Storage System

The All New Secure-A-Move

Hey what must I use for site drop-points? Our mine site has a central distribution warehouse base with multiple drop points around site and many of them are far from base.

There are concerns around components getting damaged or even lost or stolen between when the y leave the warehouse and when they are in the hands of the end-user.

Weather is also a big concern for us… often there will be an afternoon storm and the goods are liable to get drenched and some of the critical spares are electronic or moisture sensitive… what is the best value-for money solution on the market?

Let’s start with what you know you have. Say you have a large number or mesh cage on timber pallets. This could be an option as your starting point – if you introduce a weather-proof reusable cover. These covers are available in different thicknesses, 680 um, 900 um and 1300 um. They are able to be fastened to the pallet by means of rope ties. However unless your cages have lids, the reusable cover solution not totally prevent theft or pilfering on site.

Also some sites want an all-in-one solution – not extra covers or add-ons to fix a problem.

How do you deliver to these drop-points? Is it on the back of a truck or utility or pick-up or is it a closed back vehicle? Answering with will help you determine the level of weather protection your cage needs to have.

And what about when the goods arrive at the various drop-points around site? Is the stillage/cage/unit taken straight under cover? Or does it sit in the open and there would it be subject to rain, dust, sun?

If you have covered transport and weather protected drop-points, but still need the security aspect addressed, the Mongoose range of cages is a cost-effective one. The mongoose has two half fold lids that are lockable, then half fold down gates. By using a master key with individually keyed system for each drop point, this can be an effective way of administering a supply base management scheme.

If weather protection is a must at your site as well as the security, the Daywalk Secure-a-move single and double are very attractive solutions. These high-vis orange sheeted units are a good looking asset that will bring value to your supply chain.

Secure-a-move 1 level     Secure-a-move 2 levels

The double secure-a-move – as the name suggests – has two lockable doors, and the overall height of the double secure-a-move is approximately 1800 mm. This unit is perfect for delivering smaller components around site or even down the road. The unit is fully sheeted so the risk of weather damage is minimised .

But our site works totally with Australian Standard pallets; we do not want to be double handling gear on and off pallets and having to hand stack items inside a cage or bin. We have the technology! The single secure-a-move has been designed and fabricated to comfortably house an 1165×1165 pallet with cargo. In other words, the single secure-a-move is oversize allowing you to use your forklift to load and unload your goods already on a pallet, thus removing the need to hand load and unload.

If weather-proof feature is a must, then the sheeted single secure-a-move is a good solution. If you don’t need the weather protection, then you might like to consider the International 1400 cage – part of the mesh sided cage range with a solid floor, which again allows you to simply fork lift a pallet with cargo already loaded into the cage – pallet and all.

The sturdy construction of both the single and double secure-a-move units ensure that they will go the distance that you need in your rugged and harsh environment.

Often a supply chain solution will include multiple units of the single and or double secure-a move; the single is designed and fabricated to be able to stack two high if required.

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