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Daywalk’s Work on Larger, Custom Cage Projects

Pallet cages are a special type of steel cage. Unlike steel cages that are entirely made of steel, pallet cage frames are metal with fixed metal pallet cages sides, but the flooring utilises a hardwood pallet. Basically, a pallet cage is a metal cage bolted on top of a hardwood pallet.


Like their steel cage cousins, pallet cages are also made to suit transport handling and warehousing needs. But pallet cages serve more in their design capacity to provide rigid and strong support for drums and other containers that carry dangerous or chemical liquids.


The hardwood pallet allows the use of forklifts for transporting and handling. These sturdy pallet cages can be stacked on top of another and come in a flatpack for easy storage when not in use.


One sample of a sturdy pallet cage by Daywalk is its VisionMod Pallet Cage 500mmH Fixed Sides. The fixed sides mean that the mesh sides are rigid and cannot be opened. This type of pallet cage also comes in 300mmH fixed sides. Other pallet cage variants are the VisionMod Pallet Cage 300mmH, 500mmH, and 800mmH with 2 gates. The two easy access lift-off gates provide easy access to the items inside the cage. Another version of either the 300mmH or 800mmH has only one lift-off gate.


Daywalk’s ability to solve a problem with a custom solution

The Daywalk team works regularly with large transport or storage facilities on analysing particular storage challenges to design a particular type of cage that would work harmoniously with their client’s needs. Additional challenges were that the cages needed to maximise space utilisation on trucks, trains, or ships, allow multiple deliveries on each transport run, and ensure items inside the cages were well protected.



Pallet cages and steel cages made by Daywalk are already versatile in their different sizes, height, and load capacity. Should the need arise, Daywalk can design and manufacture pallet cages or steel cages to suit a client’s specific sizing and design, but still meet Daywalk’s and the client’s high standards for safety and functionality. The specially designed cages can even be painted in the client’s brand colouring along with the brand logo.


The result of the customised cage could then be put into multiple product trials to ensure that the cage was safe to use. Controlled production runs could then be made so the customised cage could be slowly put into service by the client, eventually leading to full production as soon as the client is satisfied with the finished products.


As a fully-owned Australian company, Daywalk specialises in the long-term protection and preservation of items and products that need transportation or storage. After all, the company is deeply passionate about preventing wastage, which is why the company’s steel cages and pallet cages are of the highest quality and innovative for long-term protection and preservation.


When you visit Daywalk at their website, https://daywalk.com/, and talk to a sales team member, customers can expect utmost respect, open communications, and exceptional service, and all focused on putting the customer’s needs first.