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DAYWALK’s Steel Cages

Discover Ultimate Safety and Efficiency with DAYWALK’s Steel Cage Range

When it comes to industrial storage and transportation, DAYWALK leads the way with its innovative range of steel cages. From mining to logistics, oil, gas and more, DAYWALK’S steel cage range merges safety with security across industries. Having met AS3990 standards for loads and racking while also creating highly adaptable designs, we provide unparalleled excellence in storage and temporary pallet racking. Each model builds upon the last to offer something uniquely suited to any requirement. Keep reading to learn more.


VisionMod Timber Pallet Steel Cage

The VisonMod is built for storing heavy equipment in timber crates. The long-lasting steel surround improves safety for heavy equipment in storage, lasting significantly longer than timber and saving you money in the long run. As a stackable solution with access gates that can be flat-packed for easy shipping and storage, the VisioMod is a high-quality, entry-level timber pallet base. Available in 300mm, 500mm and 800mm heights, simply fix the cage to your pallet using the corner supports, and pack it down for storage after use.


Spartan Galvanised Steel Cage

Step up your compliance with DAYWALK’s Spartan range – a fully inter-stackable solution that works with any heavy-duty fleet you already have. Fitting two abreast in shipping containers and stackable up to four cages high, the Spartan range is invaluable for a wide range of applications. They are compatible with 4-way pallet racking, jack and forklift, complete with removable gates to make transport, storage and access a breeze.

Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Cages 

As our platinum option with a sheeted base, there is no better protection in mesh caging than our heavy-duty range. The cambered safety under-rail sits below the pallet racking beam to guide your forklift up and over the beam to prevent damage. Combined with a solid plate kickboard, these cages are built for robust storage and transportation. As with our other cages, they can be used as temporary pallet racking (stackable to four high), with the ability to be collapsed and folded down in both the 500mm and 800mm heights.


Sheeted Steel Cages 

Sheeted Steel Cages are the epitome of a secure, long-term storage and transport solution. With fully enclosed, powder-coated sheets on all sides, they provide a fully secured load without the need for any accessories or additional gear. Complete privacy adds extra security that can be tailored to include your own branding and custom colours over the hot dip galvanised coating.

Inclusive of the 4-way pallet racking, pallet jack and forklift compatibility, they are an easy fit into shipping containers and stackable to four high. This is the ultimate transport and storage solution for any industry with heavy-duty needs.


The DAYWALK steel cage product range has been designed to provide a storage and transport product that delivers longevity. As a single, value-for-money, high-return-on-investment solution, we push boundaries in industrial storage. Explore our range today.